Review: The Shitty Limits “Beware The Limits”.

I was going to write two reviews of this album, and I was damn sure I could stand by them both.  But I’m actually going to withdraw the second one, and suggest that you rely on (1) with the conclusions drawn in (3).  I have removed the complex sub-paragraph system for simplicity.

(1) What the fuck is wrong with most music? I’ll tell you –

It is made by people who take musicianship seriously rather than as an unfortunate necessity, a means to an end.

It is made by people who care for their career above their art or their principles.

It is overproduced.

It is made by people who have not spent enough time with Minor Threat on repeat.

There’s too many keyboards.

There’s not enough shouting.

They might sound like schoolboys who have yet to get into double figures for rehearsals (massive compliment – and complete exaggeration – BTW), but The Shitty Limits are smart enough not to fall into any of the above traps.

They make a fucking racket.   And play fast.  I really should stop here.

The above says all you need to know.   Fucking genius album.

But no, I’ll go on.  Their influences span 60s garage, 70s punk, 80s punk and hardcore and right through to the DIY scene that they’re a part of.  It’s hard to pin them down in terms any further, with one song leaning in one direction slightly more than others, the next leaning a different way.

What more do you need to know?   They race through 12 tracks in under 25 minutes with only one breaking the 3 minute mark and only 4 more breaking 2.  They give the distinct impression that they do not give a fuck whether or not you buy this record.  So long as they sell enough to make another, sell enough tickets to play live the next week, they’ll be happy.   You need this record for what it represents.

(2) None of the tracks are particularly good, and if you want to sit at home listening to punk rock there are a hell of a lot of albums you could and probably should buy instead.  Only “Television” which goes “Saw it on the television television television!” is particularly memorable.  Go see them live, buy some more Black Flag or Circle Jerks and chill out to the punk vibes on them man.

(3) Saying that I’m giving it its sixth listen in 3 days and am not even slightly bored with it, so it can’t be that bad.  In fact these songs are getting in my head now.   “Hardwired” has a fucking neat little riff and a cool, almost Sonic Youthy, break.  Aforementioned “Television” is stupidly catchy in the old chorus department.  “Beware the Limits” is brooding genius. “Your Limits Are My Limits” is a wonderfully silly little pop song all wrapped up in distortion.  Stick the fucker on 6 times in a row and the tunes will start shining through the speed and the fuzz.

I can’t fucking wait for this album to finish so I can put it on again.


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