Our Band Could BBQ Your Life Pt 2 @ The Windmill, Brixton, Sunday 9th August 2009

Sorry guys, I haven’t got the time or the energy to write quite as much about part 2.

I’ll start on some reflections on the weekend as a whole.  The first night was best… of my favourite bands represented the majority were on day 1 with only Husker Du and Fugazi comparing to the best of the first day and I was more tired at the end of a weekend.  And the element of surprise was inevitably less present.  And Winnebago Deal played the first night of course.  Mind you, they could have supported Ant and Dec* on the first night and left everyone else to the following day and it would have been the best night.  Genuinely no offence to the rest of you, they really were awesome.

The covers were the point of both nights.  Yes the normal stuff was good too, but it was the covers that brought the smiles.  Seeing musicians struggle along embarrassed with fumbling fingers and mumbled non-lyrics amuses me no end.  The original material was generally solid and I’d happily go see any of the band on Day 2 live again.  And again most of the bands again on Day 2 seemed to fit the band they were being better than you could have imagined anyone else doing.  Up the curator!

Day 2 Top 11 things (no particular order) –

(1) Ice, Sea, Dead People for being the only band of the two days who have got better songs than the band they covered.  Maybe I’m being a tad harsh on Minor Threat.  “Straight Edge”, “Minor Threat”, “I Don’t Wanna Hear It” are all great punk numbers that have a place, but just about every other band in the book has a depth that Minor Threat lacked.  And Ice, Sea, Dead People are a damn good band.  These guys do deserve number (1) on this prestigious list as it goes.

(2) Amy Blue doing “Human Canonball” off Locust Abortion Technician in a suitably chaotic fashion.  You did the right thing, no question.  If you’d learnt it you’d have sounded too polished for any sort of authenticity.  Best to make it up as you go along.

(3) 4 or 5 Magicians managing to play an entire set of Dinosaur Jr songs I don’t know.  Seriously, cheers.  I know that I’m not a Dinosaur Jr Freak(Scene) out there but you could have played the aforementioned track.  Or “The Wagon”.  Or “Start Choppin’“.  Or “Green Mind“.

(4) “I Don’t Wanna Hear If You Are Lonely” sung but an unnecessarily embarrassed XCERT.  Chill man, the song’s brilliant and the hair’s incredible.  You’ll pull it off.  So to speak.  And the soft Scottish accent’s gonna help with the ladies too.  Maybe you won’t have to pull it off.

(5) Getting to see Neil Hannon and John Lennon (or was it Jesus?) on stage together (if you looked from the right angle, squinted, and poked yourself in the eye with a stick first).  Louis Theroux on bass was just weird however.

(6) Ice, Sea, Dead People for taking me to heaven.  They did this by reminding me of being 17, young and in love, beautiful and free and in 28” waist jeans…  unfortunately this feeling lasted about 12 seconds, then I remembered fucking work, and fucking how shit everything is, and how my jeans are too tight even though they are decidedly not 28” any more, and how these bastards are probably younger and more beautiful and in more tighter jeans than I ever was.  Bastards.  Double bastards, all three of them.  Of course I am older and wiser than them.  They better look shit by the next time I see them or I’ll give them a lecture on responsibility, career choices, not drinking or taking drugs, saving themselves for the right young lady (and she will be a lady), the importance or hard work.  Actually, fuck it, I’ll start the lecture now.  If you wanna know how to make it big read “Run To The Hills” about Iron Maiden and take your band as seriously as Steve Harris does.  Punchline?  No.  There isn’t one.

(7) “The Model” with distortion.  Anytime.  And Everyone To The Anderson were good enough to get a link too.  And playing London tonight as well.  Do yourself a favour and go.

(8) Amy Blue’s climatic clown-like climax including climbing cleverly back onstage, having not so cleverly spent literally hours writhing round on the floor screaming into a microphone that was clearly not plugged in.  Note to band: If you can see all parts of the ¼ inch jack-plug the chances are the sound it makes will not be very loud.  This handy tip works with most instruments.  I’ve got a small club-hammer too and a sander so if you want me to tune your guitars for you I can do that too.  Wild Eye: He’s Here To Help!  (TM)  Undoubtedly the most rock n roll moment of the weekend, with the exception of Winnebago Deal’s entire unfeasibly good set.

(9) Thanks being given to “The Indie Bruce Forsythe”.

(10) Spotting the mustard to go on my bean-burger after the schoolboy error on day 1 of having it without either ketchup or mustard!  Consolations cards to the usual address.

(11) The Muscle Club’s rendition of “Waiting Room” which was awesome.  Amazing.

(12) Props to 50% of a band that shall remain nameless maybe ‘cos I forgot which one it was but maybe not you’ll never know, for getting their shirts off.   More props to the other 50% (old ones eh? you’ve come to the right place) for being chicken shits and keeping theirs on.  Thanks.  Although you looked like the sort of guys who were used stripping for a baying mob for loose change, why not last night?

* Little known fact, Ant and Dec are the only musicians in the history of recorded music to sing the lines “I’m Paul Daniels, I am small, I am bald with a bird called Debby McGee” in a song.  This makes them good so my point doesn’t stand.


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5 Responses to “Our Band Could BBQ Your Life Pt 2 @ The Windmill, Brixton, Sunday 9th August 2009”

  1. Feline DaCat Says:

    RE: (6) You know, the drummer of Ice, Sea, Dead People is only pretending to be as young as the other two – he hides in the shadows at the back so you can’t tell he’s older.

  2. The Guardian Says:

    More reviews and discussion over here:


  3. everetttrue Says:

    nice blog all round

  4. everetttrue Says:

    um, that read a bit crap. apologies. just wanted to voice my appreciation of the fact you’re trying to tackle this whole music criticism bit a little differently. not this entry per se, the whole caboodle.


    • wildeyemusic Says:

      Dear Everett

      I am an occasional music blogger – we have corresponded very briefly in the past. Can I please ask a question…

      Ages and ages ago you started writing about exciting female musicians vs boring male ones. From memory I first thought you’d gone mad, and increasingly over the years I have realised how right you were. (I am still not sure the extent to which you are deadly serious, and the extent that you are making a valid point in a OTT way, not that this matters one little bit). Can you send me a few links to your most important and / or earliest writings on the subject if it is not too much trouble? I have done some googling, and can of course do more, but you may be able to save me LOTS of time and ensure I read the most important pieces you have written on the subject.

      Also – and I might have sent you this link before because the song is utterly incredible, in my humble opinion, and the band deserve so much more success than they have had (not the only ones of course!!!!!), and are playing Brighton tonight – Hope and Ruin – but of course please check before going!

      Kamikaze Girls – “Tonic Youth”

      Wild Eye (or you can call me by my rock n roll name, James)

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