RIP Les Paul (1915-2009)

This blog is not about fawning over famous people, or banging on about some guy who’s died. Apart from today. I know very little about Les Paul, but what little I do know is that as a musician, innovator and a man he was pretty special.

He was playing Hillbilly semi-professionally in his early teens.

He had re-invented himself as a jazz musician within 10 years.

He played a huge role in the evolution of solid bodied electric guitar.  A significant percentage of the best electric guitars made today have his name on them.

He overcame a near fatal car-crash that left his strumming arm a mess.

He invented multi-tracking and released the first multi-tracked record.  He pioneered delay and phasing.

He presented TV and radio programmes and was a massively popular recording artist, not least with his wife Mary Ford in the 50’s.

He came across as a really nice guy.

He was playing live into his 90s.

Respect.  I’m not sure this is the track he’d like to be remembered by, but it’s fun.  And makes me think of George Galloway, which can’t be a bad thing.


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