Shooting myself in the head

I like to ensure that I don’t forget music that I own, and as a result I try to listen to everything in my iTunes library every so often.  It takes about a year if I focus on it.  It means I listen to stuff that I’d forgotten about and love.  It also sometimes leads me to a very bad place.

Paul Simon – ‘Graceland’ is fucking shit, and you really should fuck right off.  Thank you so much for inducing suicidal thoughts into my mind.  There is no way I can summarise my thoughts about you without offending feminists.  I might forgive you if you promise to dedicate the rest of your life to tracking down every single copy ever released and burning it, along with wiping the hard-drives of every computer that has ever had the misfortune to be polluted by this filth.

And that’s without remembering that if it were not for you I’d have never heard Foals.

Henry Rollins – I’m gonna have to turn to you to cleanse my mind, I fucking hope you’re ready to bash out ‘Nervous Breakdown’ to your usual standards.  If not then my girlfriend’s been left with instructions on my death to hunt you down and whoop your puny ass.


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