Nylon Sky, Driven, Eschar, Seraphim, Dorian Black – The Star Inn, Guildford 18th October 2012

My first gig review in Guildford.  Here goes…

Well, I was out with a mate so I missed Eschar, Seraphim and Dorian Black, if indeed they played.  HTH.

Have I missed someone – what were the 3 piece with the female drummer called who played 3rd last?

Nylon Sky were on last.  Only two things really struck me… the ‘jokey’ racist banter directed at one of the band by the singer and some comment about [to paraphrase, the beer’s alright in the Star] “we do what we want, if you don’t like it leave’ which I took to be my cue.  I don’t mean to be a prude, and I’m not saying anyone was offended, but I tend to take the view that racism is best avoided unless (1) you are being very funny (and I mean very funny, very very few people are funny enough to make racist comments acceptable, practically none), and (2) that everyone within earshot knows 100% that you are in no way racist, indeed you fight racism at every turn.  Neither applied on the night.

Which leaves Driven.  The worst thing about Driven is that they have a name which is totally ungoogleable… guitar-driven, beat-driven… no, I want the rock-metal band ‘Driven’.  OK scratch that, I got there in the end.

I’m no metaller, so fuck knows who they are influenced by, who they sound like.  But I can say that they are no-nonsense, they rock, and the bands that sprung into my mind as I listened to them were ones I like.  The singer knows how to work a crowd, and, as far as I noticed, doesn’t feel the need to mention race when ‘bantering’.  Smart.  God, I’m boring myself, I really don’t have a fuck of a lot to say about Driven, but I can safely say that they’re a 7.5, maybe pushing an 8, and if I turned up at a gig and it turned out they were the support I’d be well pleased.

Oh yeah, I do have one more thing to say, the bass player did that machine-gun thing with his axe, and, get this, has enough of the rock n roller about him to pull it off.  RESPECT.


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