The Winter Passing, Our Lost Infantry, Algernon Doll, Faux, A Bear Called Tom – The Keystone, Tuesday 21st October 2014

Short post this one… a week has passed and I have really should have put something on here 6 days ago…

A Bear Called Tom and his guitar strummed along nicely – nothing to blow my mind, but pleasant enough.  Second last band on, Our Lost Infantry, did nothing for me… just not my thing.  Kinda the same thing but less so with The Winter Passing, then I listened to them again online the next day and they reminded me of Comet Gain, which is high praise indeed.  Must check them out again…

Onto Faux.  I really liked them.  I liked their energy, I liked that they surprised me.  Definitely one to watch.  I knew with 100% certainty by about half way through the set that they’d be the band of the night.  No question at all…

… but then Algernon Doll come on and they proper rocked.  They reminded me of Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr, early Husker Du and maybe a bit of Teenage Fanclub, but maybe there’s no logical reason for the Teenage Fanclub comparison… where did that come from?  Anyway, when a band reminds me of one of my “go to” bands then I’m gonna be dead happy, and early Husker Du, along with Black Flag and The Misfits, is my “go to” music at the minute.  If in doubt, one of them.  Anyway, Algernon Doll, they look like a proper band, and they are damn fine.  I would love to see them again soon and I REALLY wanna hear their soon-to-be-recorded-by-Steve-Albini material.  Go see.  Despite my certainty, and sorry Faux, Algernon Doll were the best band on the night.

GU1 PUNX – keep up the good work putting shows like this on.


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