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About this blog

May 7, 2015

I figure a quick post about this blog is in order, just in case anyone is not sure what it is about.

It is primarily a deadly serious blog about music.  Deadly serious.  Apart from the bits that are less serious.

It is about the best of the best – the music that trancends genres and is truly great.  Many of these bands split up years ago, decades ago even.  Whilst I have a soft spot for certain genres many of my favourite bands are the best two or three from each of many genres, not a long list of punk bands.

It is about the bands I love.  It is about music that I have a soft spot for, despite its shortcomings.  Its about live music in one of the greatest cities in the world – London.  It is about my new home-town, Guildford, and the music scene in and around here.

It is about helping promote bands that deserve a leg-up, especially local ones.  It’s not about shooting down in flames some average local band just doing their best.  But it ain’t about bull-shitting you that you must see xxxx local band when I’m not that impressed.  It is about shooting Alt-J down in flames.  I hate Alt-J.

Does anyone know what Alt-J sound like?  I think I might have heard one of their songs on the radio once.  If I remember right I thought it was quite good until I remembered that I’m not a boring fucking cloth-eared shit-for-brains arsehole.  Or am I?


Palm Reader, Employed to Serve, Stallone – The Star Inn, Guildford 4th May 2015

May 7, 2015

No time for a proper review, but I have to say a few words.

I arrived a bit late and caught the end of Stallone.  I want to hear more, they sounded damn fine and are my kinda band.  It would be unfair of me to compare when I only caught two songs but they reminded me of one of my favourite ever bands, which they have to regard as a massive compliment.

Employed to Serve took the stage and said something about how hard it is to follow Stallone.  Erm, no harm in a bit of modesty, but you really should have been apologising in advance to Palm Reader for them having to follow you.

Palm Reader were pretty good.  Would love to see them again, not least as I am curious to see the extent that their performance was below par due to it being their fifth gig of the day, or – more likely – whether it was me in a state of daze and confusion as a direct result of having my mind blown by Employed to Serve.  Short of Rollins-era Black Flag reforming with all original members I’ve got a feeling no band that followed EtS would have had my full attention.

I have a lot of time for Employed to Serve.  A lot of time.