About this blog

I figure a quick post about this blog is in order, just in case anyone is not sure what it is about.

It is primarily a deadly serious blog about music.  Deadly serious.  Apart from the bits that are less serious.

It is about the best of the best – the music that trancends genres and is truly great.  Many of these bands split up years ago, decades ago even.  Whilst I have a soft spot for certain genres many of my favourite bands are the best two or three from each of many genres, not a long list of punk bands.

It is about the bands I love.  It is about music that I have a soft spot for, despite its shortcomings.  Its about live music in one of the greatest cities in the world – London.  It is about my new home-town, Guildford, and the music scene in and around here.

It is about helping promote bands that deserve a leg-up, especially local ones.  It’s not about shooting down in flames some average local band just doing their best.  But it ain’t about bull-shitting you that you must see xxxx local band when I’m not that impressed.  It is about shooting Alt-J down in flames.  I hate Alt-J.

Does anyone know what Alt-J sound like?  I think I might have heard one of their songs on the radio once.  If I remember right I thought it was quite good until I remembered that I’m not a boring fucking cloth-eared shit-for-brains arsehole.  Or am I?


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