Gig in Guildford – Friday 15th January – Buffalo Club

I’m not sure how The Buffalo Club have passed me by – this Friday is far from the first gig they’ve put on.  But they have and now I need to put that right.

“A night of noisy indie rock for all ages” is how they describe it.  Doors 7.30pm, Back Room of the Star, central Guildford.  4 Bands.  The Correct Arc.  Swords of Thought.  Typical Hunks.  Space Church.


The alternative scene’s job is to show up the mainstream as boring artistically and negligent politically.  Where it can often fail is when it replaces identikit bland, cynical, cash-chasing, auto-tuned pop with a scene that, whilst being interesting in contrast, is actually pretty boring with everyone following the same rules of dress and sound as each other.  Emo-y / mathy shit, alt-metal, stoner rock… all can be fantastic, but all can massively disappoint if done to a poor or average standard, following all the rules of their sub-genre to the letter, and especially when the night has 3 or 4 bands who are all much of a muchness.

The Buffalo Club seems to get this.  From my googling and listening the bands this Friday are not the sorts of bands who will fail to be interesting.

Anyway, in no particular order.

I have to say that if anything this lot are the band I’m most looking forward to, if for no other reason than they have the balls to use a drum machine.  Nothing wrong with a real drummer of course, but it does piss me off how many bands seem to think that guitar bass drums is what a band should be and drum machines, samplers, sequencers are somehow inauthentic or cheating.

Space Church on Bandcamp

Swords of Thought on Bandcamp

The Correct Arc on Bandcamp

Get your arse down there on Friday night, drink beer and support your local scene.



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