Weatherstate – Dumbstruck ep

Weatherstate – Dumbstruck ep

This is a record that could make me write 10,000 words on the purpose of music, but I won’t.  Yet.  Instead I’ll review the fucker twice.

Review One

Absolutely top notch punk pop from Weatherstate courtesy of the guys at Failure By Design.  If you wanna support your scene, support the band, support FBD or simply love punk pop then BUY THIS FUCKING RECORD NOW AND YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT ONE LITTLE BIT.  9/10.

Review Two

WTF is the point of this record?  Nice enough, but if I wanna listen to the Ramones I’ll listen to the Ramones.  If I wanna listen Green Day I’ll shoot myself in the face.  For the purposes of this review I have listened to the ep top to bottom 11 times now.  It races past, listening to it is not a drag on any level, every song is very good… but why?  I struggle to work out the point other than the band like punk pop, the band have fun playing punk pop, and you might as well have something to sell at gigs and boost your profile.  Forgive me, but if you’re in a band and you want my full attention then set your sights higher, show more imagination, prove to me you’re artists with something to say, not the musical equivalent of a photocopier.

Can I just ask you to re-read that last sentence again?  It means what it says.  It does not mean what it doesn’t say.  If you’re in a band you can do what you want, including telling me I’m a know-nothing opinionated arsehole.  But if what you’re doing doesn’t have a passion, a vision, a bigger picture, a bit of originality then please don’t expect me to be very interested, even if you can write a song.


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