Exposure vs Over

I suppose this is just a sub-set of my thoughts on bands self-mythologising.  Bands, do not sell yourself short, don’t give it all away, don’t share everything.

Its 2016.  The music industry has changed.  You have to post songs online.  You have to put up live videos, and you can’t stop people posting grainy, shaky footage with appalling sound.

But you don’t have to put every single thing you have done online.  You don’t have to let people download everything for free.  In fact, you’re not only selling yourself short if you do, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

I want to be able to check you out online when I hear you’re playing in town.  But I only need 2 or 3 songs to do that.  If you post everything you have ever recorded you risk me listening to the crapfest that was your first demo, and not the monstrous rock sound of your third ep.  You risk me getting bored before I’ve even decided whether to go see you play.  You risk me turning up to see you and going home disappointed because there were no surprises.

Sometimes less is more.


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