Ian Svenonius Week Pt 4 – What is a Group?

“What is a Group?” is a film made by Ian F. Svenonius.  It is self-described as “The first Sci Fi Documentary Rock ‘N’ Roll Exploitation Film”.  It is here on youtube –

It is intelligent, serious, funny, brilliant, controversial, educational, political propaganda and essential watching for anone who is interested in music (everyone with a brain or a shred of humanity within them) or in a band (if you’re in a band and not interested in thinking about music then may I strongly suggest that you fuck right off.  Not off, RIGHT off).

Tangent Time for Wild Eye.  There are a lot of bands out there that seem to have no interest in music.  They might be musicians, they might want to play live and record records, but they don’t have a desire to innovate, challenge and create as opposed to replicate.  If you quite like the Strokes and want to make a career out of making indie-guitar-post-punk-pop in such a way as to maximise your income from the music industry then sorry – you don’t have an interest in music, you have an interesting in being a cog in the machine, a servant of the man, a drone feeding the queen, a fucking photocopier… but not only that you are a lazy fuck-knuckle who [stupidly given the massive hard work musicians endure] thinks that working yourself into a sweat battering some drums, or wearing your fingers raw on thin pieces of steel cable, is somehow more worthwhile than flipping burgers or delivering the mail.  Bollocks, music is only more special than flipping burgers if you at least atempt to match Ian Svenonius’ ambition.

I love Ian Svenonius.


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