Ian Svenonius Week Pt 5 – Chain and the Gang

Ian Svenonius Week has been spread over 2 weeks already… chez Wild Eye has been busy, and the political situation in the UK has distracted me.

Chain and the Gang.  What a band.  I saw them back in late 2012 with Katie Alice Greer sharing vocal duties with Svenonius.  There are plenty of brilliant bands who don’t have a front person anywhere near as good as Svenonius, yet a few years ago Chain and the Gang had two – the man himself and Katie Alice Greer.  The line-up had changed by the time I saw them again in mid-2014… still very good, but you just can’t lose the likes of Greer without losing something.

I’m not sure that there’s any point in someone like me trying to dissect the theorizing.  Svenonius has all sorts  of ideas that evolve and change over time, that are deadly serious and tongue in cheek, simultaneously.  There is no condensing, no summarising that can do his words justice > search engine > appropriate keywords > read read read.

As their latest album title makes clear this is “minimum rock n roll”.  Simple, funky bass; lazy, danceable drums, low key guitars, low key leys, loads of space in the sound.  Male female vocals.  Politics.  Wit.

A superb band that need checking out by anyone who has not had the pleasure thus far.


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