Nachthexen – Nachthexen 7″

Linked it a few months back, but it deserve a review too.  Energetic, all-female, post-punk from Sheffield.  Nice.

Great band name – the German nickname (it translates as ‘night witches’) in WW2 for female Russian pilots who flew night missions against the German forces on the Eastern Front.

Great unhinged synths… kinda reminding me of electroclash a bit.  Also remind me of Priests – all angry and ranty female vox over urgent and angular music.  Not pop, but when you write energetic little songs with catchy refrains you hint at pop.  Punk was supposed to break down all the boundaries 40 years’ ago… yet here we are and Nachthexen are pushing boundaries simply by ditching the guitars and employing synths instead.  Pathetic.  Not what Nachthexenare doing, rather that its sets them apart a little doing it.




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