Kamikaze Girls – Sad ep

Kamikaze Girls released their debut ep yesterday.

Bearded Punk Records

And here’s the first video from it linked directly –

And the second –

Available on tape and 12″ and download I think.  I have the beautiful clear / splatter vinyl 12″ (with download code).  5 songs on the A-side, then the older, cast-iron classic, Tonic Youth on the B.  Get your money out at at its okay to be sad.

To grossly paraphrase Lucinda “we’re not afraid to write poppy choruses, but around that we have lots of fuzz.”  That pretty much nails it.

I can’t exactly put my finger on their sound.  They’re an indie band, definitely a bit punk, but also almost shoegaze in the way they mix waves of distorted guitars with beauty.  The vocals can change from ‘pleasant singing’ to ‘screaming howl’ at the drop of a hat.

They’re Kamikazi Girls, and to love them you have to love pop and you have to love noise.

They remind me of ‘Choker’ by Honeyblood – female vocaled noise pop that should sell hundreds of thousands if there was any sense in the world.  If I had any faith in the music industry or record buying public I’d be wondering whether they’ll breaking through to the mainstream without any real compromise (a la Nirvana) or whether they reduce the fuzz and increase the pop and do it Boo Radleys-style.

I really do love this band.  Forget the noise pop, I love their desire to push ideas to make the world a better place, with mental health being the major theme of this ep.  Hexes – psychosis; Stitches – anxiety; Ladyfuzz – overdose; Black Coffee – addiction; the band as a whole – girl power, feminism.  I hate funerals is the other track.



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