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Idles – Divide and Conquer

September 1, 2016

Check this –

I’d post this for the words they have written under the video on youtube alone.  But the nasty, simple, dark, angular post-punk guitars, sentiment, energy, drums, vox all do it for me too.  Reminds me of “ha ha ha” by Flipper – cos he sings “ha ha ha”, natch, and “Pump It Up” cos of some bit of the guitars.

“This is the first song from our album, it was written at a time where I watched my mother deteriorate in a hospital that was itself dying.

The song was an observation on how simple financial cuts and the mere action of writing a cross in a box can cut someone’s life short.

The Tories have started the campaign to sell whatever is left of our NHS or the Sustainability and Transformation Plan as they’ve put it.

Fuck off.

‘Divide & Conquer’ is an ode to the disembowelment of our NHS.

“A loved one perished at the hand of the baron-hearted right” stands alone as the monolithic truth, a sad lyric that blisters on just how fucked we all are.

The video should sum that up for anyone that struggles with its tone.”