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Spectrum – How You Satisfy Me

October 28, 2016

Sonic Boom has always done covers… and he’s always allowed his songwriting to be influenced by others –

Do you think this track influenced him at all?



Midway Still, Rews, I Plead Irony – The Star, Guildford, 21st October 2016

October 22, 2016

I think that this was the first time I’ve been along to a Jasta 11 gig.  I’ll be paying them more attention in future.

I missed I Plead Irony.  Bit gutted – any band who feature two people who the GODLIKE (I really really do not use that word lightly) Wiz from the GODLIKE (I really really do not use that word lightly) Mega City Four deigned good enough to play with him have every right to be heard.

I missed the start of Rews.  Bits were a bit cringe.  They are a female two piece, drums/vox and guitar/vox.  They are a mainstream pop-rock act who clearly want a career.  So far so bad.  But they are also a pretty formidable hard rock act who veer towards Gossip-like punk-funk genius at times (though it has to be said neither of Rews are one of about three people on the planet who can compete vocally with Beth Ditto.  They can sing but they are not GODLIKE (I really really do not use that word lightly) singers like old BD is).  Are they an ACM band?  I don’t think so but it would not surprise me – they’re professional sounding and they sound like a band who wanna go places… but whilst that’s a compliment I think they should check out Kamikaze Girls and develop a bit more of an edge.  Good though, damn good.

Midway Still eh?  A band from back in the day who I never knew.  I imagined them as a grungy, alt-rock, indie band, nothing special.  A couple of friends saw them back in the day, neither particularly remembered them.  Maybe I saw them back then as well?

I like originality.  I like bands that push boundaries and experiment.  I can be very dismissive of bands that I think of as derivative.  But then again there are certain types of band that I like.  Husker Du are a band I love.  They started off as a hardcore punk band and then played a massive part in the mid to late 80s emergence of college / alt-rock in the State.  Everything they did was genius.

Midway Still’s set was basically two thirds Husker Du-like hardcore punk, and one third Husker Du-style alt-rock.  Rounded off with a cover of You Made Me Realise, which is a superb song by a superb band.  I really wouldn’t want to make too many claims about Midway Still’s genius, but I absolutely loved the set from start to finish.  Totally took me by surprise that they did something I love so much, and did it so well.  Real shame they’re (probably) calling it a day.  I would definitely go see them again, and have to hold my head in shame at some of the utter dross I was listening to in the early 90s when I could have been listening to Midway Still.  I don’t want to spend ages naming and shaming but the abominable Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and the uber pretentious / simply shite Levitation spring to mind.

Must go check ’em out on record now…

Trial and Error All-dayer

October 19, 2016

I’m not going to say too much, not least as I missed most of it.

Sanctuary.  Basingstoke.  Sunday 16th October 2016.  LOADS OF BANDS.  Cos I am so busy and important I missed most of it.  Thanks to Stefan Powell for organising, and well done all involved for the cash raised towards CDH UK.

I saw three bands, and they’re all bands I have seen before.  Space Church had just started when I arrived.  I really like them.  I recommend the album.  Highly.  They prove that you don’t need noise noise noise to make challenging music.  They prove that you can mix things up and still sound like a proper band.  The only downside is the set-list seems to stick too close to the album… are you not writing new stuff?  Why not chuck in the odd older song?

Warren Schoenbright.  I like them.  I love the drummer, I like the bass.  There’s two things I don’t particularly like, both of which say a shit load more about me than they do WS.  (1)  I love noise, but I love songs too.  WS don’t much do songs.  (2)  The third member.  Laptop and other hardware.  I have no problem with bands not being fully live with real instruments all the way… but I don’t like not knowing what someone is doing, and I also think – probably completely illogically – that if you’re gonna stick a computer on stage then get the fucking thing to do everything for you.  Press the fucking button and let it do its thing, then remove the laptop from the (non-)stage at the end of the set.  Stand next to it if you want.  Do a bit of fiddling if necessary.  But spending all set fucking around with shit that should be done by the computer also sat right next to you – what a waste of time.  Anyway, as I say, that’s my problem not theirs.

Slug13.  Nice.  Really nice.  I’ve started checking out more of their music online and its damn good.  I don’t really now what more to say.  The vocals were (very) quiet, the songs were loud.  They remind me massively of Mudhoney as I’ve said before, but that’s much more down to the fact that I love Mudhoney and I don’t know as many of the other bands who were around at the time as I should, both those that were grunge and those that shared elements of the grunge sound.  Should probably start with Tad and The Jesus Lizard – I like it when bands help you with their influences.  Never really listened to Tad apart from the odd song on John Peel back in the day.  I have “Head” on vinyl, but it hasn’t had a play in probably 23 or 24 years.

The Pooh Sticks – Cinnamon

October 16, 2016

Does pop get any better – I love this noisy little pop masterpiece so much –

Sonic Boom – Angel

October 11, 2016

Such a beautiful song, IMHO –

Vox Starstream

October 5, 2016

Not the new one, the original.  Yesterday I posted a link to a Spacemen 3 live vid.  Sonic Boom was playing a Vox Starstream a bit like this.

A photo –

A demo –

Vox were fucking cool in the 60s –





Spacemen 3 – Live in Germany 1989

October 4, 2016

I just cannot express how much I love this band.  On record they are incredible, with a wide variety of sounds and songs.  This is a reasonably recent upload to youtube of them playing live at the peak of their powers.

OK, I buy that they’re not to everyone’s taste.  Some people just don’t get stuff that challenges them.  But if you like psychedelia, or shoegaze, or space rock or drone music or minimal music or heavy distorted guitars or heavy music or anything at all experimental then you MUST find yourself a spare hour and listen to this –

Skinny Girl Diet – Pretty Song

October 4, 2016

Collapse Board made it song of the day.  I’ll give it an early ‘song of the year’.  Really fuzzy, grungy post-punky pop.  Or something.  Fucking outstanding –

Must explore them more.

Reminds me a bit of this –

Th’ Faith Healers were a damn fine band.  They got even better when they got more krautrock.

Gigs in Surrey and Hants – week commencing 3rd October 2016

October 3, 2016

What a week.

Wednesday at the Boileroom… the mighty Wire, genuine post-punk legends, appearing alongside Space Church who are, erm, genuine?  Only teasing lads, Well worth going to see the mighty Space Church too.  “Songs To Punch Nerds To” is awesome.

Thursday – Typical Hunks (yes, just yes) at the Whitehouse Studios in Reading –

Friday at the Lounge Bar in Alton – Grits, Princess, Camcorder, Trevor’s Head.  What.  A.  Line.  Up.

Saturday.  Secret Black Boyfriend and Princess (and a band I don’t know) at the West End Centre.  Nice.  Very nice.

If you can’t be arsed to leave Guildford then Musician’s Against Homelessness night again at the Star on Saturday – The Bronsons and The Dabhands look like they’d be worth checking out.  And its charidee, or so Smashy and Nicey told me.

What have I missed?  Unfortunately I can see myself missing the f’ing lot.  Got a load on, and the one I definitely can’t do is the one I’d most like to see – Wire and Space Church.