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Steve Ignorant, Moby, Politics and Your Art

November 30, 2016

Just read this –

Moby Steve Ignorant Interview

I do not expect every band to be explicitly political, or care about exactly the same things, or to be eloquent… but to a very large extent either your band would like to give interviews like this or you’re in a band that I do not give a flying fuck about.

As an aside is there a better film about a band than “There Is No Authority But Yourself”?

Also… Harry Hill plus Paul Nuttall equals Moby in the photo at the top of the above article.



Riff Rock Records T-Shirt Part 2

November 30, 2016

And that was before we get to the tie-dyed crap it’s printed on.

Riff Rock Records T-Shirt

November 30, 2016

Google it.

I have two objections –

(1)  It would appear to me – not a lawyer – that this could be breach of copyright or trade mark or somesuch.

But more importantly –

(2)  It is horrifically shit.  As a stand-alone design its alright, but nothing special.  But it is not a stand-alone design.  It is clearly a tribute to / shameless rip-off of one of the most iconic logos of all time.  And in comparison it is not as good by a mile.  It’s like covering ‘Satisfaction’ and playing the main riff on an out-of-tune acoustic – or simply not bothering with it at all.

I would be ashamed to walk down the street in that monstrousity.


Two Words That Shit On My Soul: ‘Copy Approval’

November 30, 2016

Not my words, the words of the mighty Neil Kulkani on his FUNK blog.  Well worth following him, not least if you’re a hip hop or metal fan, but in this post from a few weeks back he speaks of what it is like to be a music journalist now… and hints at the ways in which so much journalism, and indeed the whole world, is going the wrong way.

Fuck You Neil Kulkani

The Two Best Ever Songs About Being a Bass Player?

November 27, 2016

Are these the two best ever songs about playing bass?  First I give you the mighty (and I mean mighty) Sack Trick.  They did a concept album about penguins going to the moon.  They did an album of KISS covers.  This is from their other album –

Sack Trick – I Play Bass

[Please note the best album cover of all time].

Then you have the Troggs.  Absolute genius –

The Troggs – Bass For My Birthday


A Question or Seven to ACM Guildford Bands

November 27, 2016

There are loads of ACM bands about.  I’ve seen a few live over the last few years, I’ve checked a few out online.  I love live music and ACM bands regularly play at Bar Thirteen and the Star, both of which are very close to my home.  These aren’t rhetorical questions – instead I would love you to convince me why I should make the effort to come and see your band live, or at the very least why I should listen to everything you’ve posted online a few times over.

I’m not some massive, influential blogger whose going to change your career with a good review.  But you never know, I might be able to help a bit.

Q1 – Why are you at ACM?

Q2 – What are you called?

Q3 – Why are you in a band?

Q4 – Why are you in this band?

Q5 – How would you describe your music?

Q6 – What are your hopes and dreams for the band?

Q7/8 – Why should I get excited by you?  Why should I buy into the whole package?

You are welcome to reply as a comment to this blog, or get in touch via –

Wild Eye Music Facebook Page

Wild Eye Music Theory of the Day

November 21, 2016

All bands should be judged against the Butthole Surfers.  If you are not more of a fuck you to society than Butthole Surfers you should give up.  The only exception is if you have a more childish song in your repertoire than Kuntz in which case I let you off and you may continue to play.  If you sound like you give more of a fuck than Butthole Surfers you should also give up.

I am tempted to say that this post is a joke, then I hear how many current bands are prepared to produce the kind of music that would have been described as boring derivative pointless boring derivative shit for which the death penalty should have been re-introduced if it had been made 25 years ago and I think I’m going soft.

Stop interrupting me, I’m trying to work.

Review of the songs on the first Rose Coloured Shitify Playlist RCR No.1

November 21, 2016

Bright start Estrons energy somewhat different angular yeah shame about horrific Patrons who suck monkeyballs aaarrrgghhhh can’t stand this fucking shit but I can stand slotface great voice and energy if rather indie indie indie nevertheless 8/10 which brings me onto the Tuts who are also indie indie indie 8/10 so now Tibet who I would like to hear play in Tibet (from here, no closer) kinda Marc Bolan only as musical as Donald Trump’s dirty stink-pipe fuck off Tibet cos listening to you I regret onto Nervus who sound alright til the cunt starts singing then it gets even worse when the music kicks in and I typed that before it did but I just KNEW only it turns out it doesn’t kick in it becomes even more of a sub-Foals abomination why weren’t this lot shot a birth I don’t like ItoldyouIwouldeatyou at all Vinyl Staircase are about as good as its possible to be whilst being fucking boring I mean that fuck me I’m being charitable Why Me I thought as I listened to Night Owls why don’t you ignore me not difficult actually Night Owls onto Slowcoaches who rhyme with go ‘roaches Japandroids have a stupid name and a damn fine sound but I have one album and this song shows me I really don’t need more Doe are alright not shite but not better than alright either really why bother the weird bit 1.35 in is nice actually, but fuck me I ain’t listening to this shit again to get to it met Foxe once in the ‘Spoons as it goes boys only not the young lady they described themselves as grunge which is the most ludicrous ludicrous self-description I have ever heard from any band ever sub-Foals again what are they thinking or are they not thinking wouldn’t mind seeing them live sometime though out of interest might be noisier and much much better can’t be worse The Big Moon are fucking dreadful fuck right off you boring cunts no not you Shit Present you’re not shit might have to check you out some more you’re alright but if I received a Quiet Lions CD for my birthday I would not regard it as a shit present I’d regard it as the biggest fuck you anyone had ever directed my way they even manage to do some shit foals cultural appropriation afro-beat uber-shite though even that’s not the worst bit about this fucking shit song but Warpaint are pretty good.

thnksfrthrvw – a few words

November 20, 2016

[The original post that was here was deleted on 18th April 2017 and has been replaced with something more constructive.  The title of the post has been changed.  The three comments were all made before the post was edited / changed entirely.  These words are a more rational assessment than the earlier one.]

In list for for relative brevity –

(1)  It is my opinion that you should not get up on stage, or display your art in galleries, or put your writing in the public domain unless you are happy for people to comment on it.

(2)  Not everyone is going to like it.  This is true even if you are a genius, as evidenced by the fact that The Telescopes are not one of the biggest bands of all time.  (Go see ’em).

(3)  I sent an email to Jasleen Dhindsa a few weeks ago telling her that I was going to write a little more about her blog and asking her if she wanted to have a chance to respond to my points before I posted them.  She chose not to reply to me.

(4) May I ask that you go to the thnksfrthrvw “about” page here –

and give it a good old read.  You might even wish to read a few reviews on there.  But you might not.

(5)  My first question for Jasleen Dhindsa is “Why is it called ‘thnksfrthrvw’?”  In the absence of an answer I can only speculate that Jasleen thinks that people will be thanking her for the reviews.  It could be that she is expecting thanks from the reader, but I suspect that it is more in the sense of of the way that small / DIY bands tend to thank reviewers who give good reviews.  Small bands appreciate the attention and support.  Sometimes I get thanks for a review.  There is nothing wrong with getting thanks for a review.  There is nothing wrong with trying to support small / DIY bands.  There is nothing wrong with seeking to write supportive articles and not seeking to slag off bands.  But “thnksfrthrvw” just sounds too much like “we’re not sure whether we are PRs or reviewers”.

Maybe I am over-reacting, but “thnksfrthrvw” is incredibly off-putting and worrying as a name for a music blog.  In fact its what got my back up and got me looking at it closer.

(6)  Jasleen describes it as “a[n]… independent blog“.  She goes on to say (a few paragaphs down) that the “blog is completely independent from our writers’ work on and associations with other sites unless stated otherwise!”  I am not sure whether this is sloppy writing and she meant to say “we are independent – independent of our writing on other websites that is – but not independent of our other work”.  Or maybe it was quite deliberate – a claim to be independent followed by small print which makes it clear that it is only independent of their other writing, not the writers’ other interests.  Why say “unless stated otherwise?”  Can’t you just be independent and not write where there is a conflict of interest?  Or maybe you could state when you are not independent like you say you will?

Why say you’re independent when you’re not?

(7)  I find it VERY distasteful that a website should make bold proclaimations about indepedence whilst not being at all independent.

(8)  Example one.  5/5 review of Idles at the Boileroom on 15th March 2017 – written when Jasleen was (maybe she still is) a PR intern at the Boileroom.  Jasleen – how can you be independent whilst reviewing gigs at the venue that you do PR? Why did you not mention the conflict of interest despite claiming that you will state when you are not independent?

(9)  The Idles review featured a photo where the Jack Daniels logo was super-imposed image.  I presume that thnksfrthrvw don’t get paid by Jack Daniels, but I presume someone related to the photographer or the venue does, otherwise why was the logo there?  Can you confirm Jasleen?

(10)  Example two.  On February 20th The Machiavellians got a 5/5 review.  One might think the review is independent until you look at her linkedin profile and one of her jobs is “Manager / Booker / Publicist” for The Machiavellians.  You couldn’t make it up.

(11)  Can I just make something clear here?  It isn’t compulsory to be independent when you write – had the claims for independence not been made it would be hard to criticise the blog for (effectively) doing what many (most?) magazines do.

(12)  I would like to know Jasleen’s opinion on this, hence why I emailed her before writing this blog post.  She chose not to reply.

(13)  Example Three – the Always The Sun brief review.  Now to be fair it was made clear previously on thnksfrthrvw that they [Jasleen, the whole thnksfrthrvw team?] were ‘involved’ in Always The Sun.  But if you wish to go around claiming independence then surely mentioning your total lack of independence in the article you write is the right thing to do, not simply relying on people having read the news weeks / months earlier where you said you were “involved”?  Especially if you insist on saying things like “was a brilliant success”, “the best festival Guildford has ever seen” [Jasleen – are you MUCH older than you look, or do you use time-travel to check before making such claims?] and “killer bands slaying the UK indie alt scene”?

(14)  “thnksfrthrvw is super laid back, cool and…” is another thing in their about section.  I am afraid to say that NOTHING AND NO-ONE EVER THAT HAS DESCRIBED THEMSELVES AS SUPER LAID BACK AND COOL IS EITHER OF THSOE THINGS.  Apart from Wild Eye.  Wild Eye is super laid back and cool.  But mainly cool.

(15)  “It’s a nice and tidy song, everything stands out, and it’s easy to listen too which is what makes for a great song.” That is one of my favourite sentences I read on the blog.  Wowzers – “nice and tidy” – that’s a compliment for music.  “Everything stands out” – how the hell is that even possible – the band in question must be truly incredible!?!!?


This blog as of today is completely independent of any formal or financial relationship with any band, manager, venue, PR agency, record label, promoter etc.   This may change in future and I make no promises as to this blog’s future independence. This is part of the reason that I make no claims as to this blog’s independence in the “About” section.  The other part is that music writing is meant to be subjective, biased, hyperbolic… independent implies objective, which I am not.  Objectivity is boring.  Also, independence gets harder to claim when one is writing about people / bands I know.

If you have any specific questions or queries please get in touch.


Maybe it isn’t.  In fact, certainly – what thnksfrthrvw say is not important.  But it is important.  We live in deeply cynical and deeply troubling times.  Politicians lie all the time.  They – I’m particularly thinking of the Tories – pretend to care about ordinary people despite enacting policies for the 1% or even the 0.1%.  Boris Johnson campaigned for a Brexit he probably didn’t even believe in.  News is called fake, whilst nonsense is acclaimed as fact.  Critical thinking is non-existent.  Music magazines seemingly ALWAYS have adverts for every single album that is given a good review.

In this environment I genuinely believe that everyone who is part of the solution and not part of the problem needs to stand up for what is right.  What is right when it comes to music journalism / criticism is honest opinions.  What is next most right is bullshit like the NME – a gossip rag / advertising portal that does shit reviews as well as repeating the press releases they get sent, parrot fashion.  What is least right are blogs / publications / writers who claim to be independent whilst not being independent.

It makes me sad.

Skinny Girl Diet – Pretty Song

November 16, 2016

Its been 6 weeks now.  Time to bang on about Pretty Song by Skinny Girl Diet again.

This song is fucking great.

Bottle of London Pride (seriously – I am that generous*) to anyone who can point me to a song released in 2016 that is better.  I am confident that I will be drinking the fucker myself.

* must be prepared to meet in Guildford to collect.