The Shit Bands Say – Fexet

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You guys are really young – how do you think your youth aids you in standing out from older bands doing the same thing as you?

R: That’s just it. We don’t do the same things as other bands. Our sound isn’t comparable to other bands. We also stand out from other older bands because our main focus points to only our music and just being ourselves . We don’t care about standing out and comparing ourselves to other bands. That’s not our mind set.

So, “R”… bunch of white blokes on guitar, bass, drums and vox.  In 2016.  No, nothing like other bands at all.  Your pop-punk sound is massively comparable to other pop-punk bands – in fact you all sound the same.  You focus on your music and that’s unique?  (1)  Its not unique, and (2) you should be focussed at least as much on your attitude, politics, look and all the other things that can potentially turn a band into a great band.  It’s a bit of luck you don’t care about standing out, because you don’t.  It’s a bit of luck you don’t compare yourselves to other bands, as if you did you’d be saying “why are we doing this when literally 8 billion other bands on planet earth are doing the exact same thing?  Are we really the absolute best and its the other 7.999999999 billion that should give up not us?”

The shit bands say, eh?


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