Review of the songs on the first Rose Coloured Shitify Playlist RCR No.1

Bright start Estrons energy somewhat different angular yeah shame about horrific Patrons who suck monkeyballs aaarrrgghhhh can’t stand this fucking shit but I can stand slotface great voice and energy if rather indie indie indie nevertheless 8/10 which brings me onto the Tuts who are also indie indie indie 8/10 so now Tibet who I would like to hear play in Tibet (from here, no closer) kinda Marc Bolan only as musical as Donald Trump’s dirty stink-pipe fuck off Tibet cos listening to you I regret onto Nervus who sound alright til the cunt starts singing then it gets even worse when the music kicks in and I typed that before it did but I just KNEW only it turns out it doesn’t kick in it becomes even more of a sub-Foals abomination why weren’t this lot shot a birth I don’t like ItoldyouIwouldeatyou at all Vinyl Staircase are about as good as its possible to be whilst being fucking boring I mean that fuck me I’m being charitable Why Me I thought as I listened to Night Owls why don’t you ignore me not difficult actually Night Owls onto Slowcoaches who rhyme with go ‘roaches Japandroids have a stupid name and a damn fine sound but I have one album and this song shows me I really don’t need more Doe are alright not shite but not better than alright either really why bother the weird bit 1.35 in is nice actually, but fuck me I ain’t listening to this shit again to get to it met Foxe once in the ‘Spoons as it goes boys only not the young lady they described themselves as grunge which is the most ludicrous ludicrous self-description I have ever heard from any band ever sub-Foals again what are they thinking or are they not thinking wouldn’t mind seeing them live sometime though out of interest might be noisier and much much better can’t be worse The Big Moon are fucking dreadful fuck right off you boring cunts no not you Shit Present you’re not shit might have to check you out some more you’re alright but if I received a Quiet Lions CD for my birthday I would not regard it as a shit present I’d regard it as the biggest fuck you anyone had ever directed my way they even manage to do some shit foals cultural appropriation afro-beat uber-shite though even that’s not the worst bit about this fucking shit song but Warpaint are pretty good.


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2 Responses to “Review of the songs on the first Rose Coloured Shitify Playlist RCR No.1”

  1. wildeyemusic Says:

    Is it me or is Spotify practically unlistenable due to skipping? Obviously it could be my internet but I don’t think it is, most things work fine here.

  2. wildeyemusic Says:

    And there’s more… The use of the word shitify was a reference to spotify itself, and nothing to do with rose coloured or the music.

    Secondly, I was a bit harsh… Rose Coloured do their thing, do good stuff… just I find plenty of it far too middle of the road for my tastes. At least one band on there I was dead harsh about when they’re actually pretty good.

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