A Question or Seven to ACM Guildford Bands

There are loads of ACM bands about.  I’ve seen a few live over the last few years, I’ve checked a few out online.  I love live music and ACM bands regularly play at Bar Thirteen and the Star, both of which are very close to my home.  These aren’t rhetorical questions – instead I would love you to convince me why I should make the effort to come and see your band live, or at the very least why I should listen to everything you’ve posted online a few times over.

I’m not some massive, influential blogger whose going to change your career with a good review.  But you never know, I might be able to help a bit.

Q1 – Why are you at ACM?

Q2 – What are you called?

Q3 – Why are you in a band?

Q4 – Why are you in this band?

Q5 – How would you describe your music?

Q6 – What are your hopes and dreams for the band?

Q7/8 – Why should I get excited by you?  Why should I buy into the whole package?

You are welcome to reply as a comment to this blog, or get in touch via –

Wild Eye Music Facebook Page


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