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Trevor’s Head – Tricolossus LP

January 27, 2017

11 tracks of stoner rock, with a mad, horned, 3-eyed proboscidea staring out from the cover?

What more do you want, other than more timely reviews of course?

Blood Moon starts the album off on top form, with  a riff of a very high quality.  Government Whores continues the decent riff theme whilst picking up the pace… is this where they get the idea that they’re stoner punk?  Stoner pace for much of the song, but the beginning and the very end is more of a punk tempo.  Deep Blue Fish is gonna be a bit odd, you can tell straight off… I could write it off as one of the weaker songs, some of the lyrics are clever, but in a pretty cheesy way, rolled ‘r’s’ are great, but somewhat shatter the ‘we’re a serious stoner band’ vibe… but to be fair to Trevor’s Head the fact that they’re so eminently listenable is down to them being more than JASB (Just Another Stoner Band).

Idiot Time is right here, right now, fucking Trump-voters and moron Brexitears (adjusting spelling, the last ‘e’ has been changed to an ‘a’ to reflect the crying these arseholes will do when they realise they’ve fucked us all up.)  Idiot Time is also a great little metal-infused punk number.

And onto the second longest track on the album.  These guys can write a riff / song.  Ordinary Kind.  Damn fine stoner rock.

But A Scratch picks up the pace again… nice… not one of the best on the album… not bad, but I suspect its there as much to vary the pace as it is because they were like “this track is so fucking great we just have to stick it on.”  The next track is kind of the reverse in most ways.

Pan-Galatic Peaceniks is heavy.  The riff 48 seconds in reminds me of Cheech and Chong.  This is no bad thing, but I am not sure that I have the time or inclination to go through my Cheech and Chongs songs trying to find out what (if anything) specifically gave that idea.

Roll Over It is kinda punk kinda bordering on hardcore with a stoner edge.  Vocals given 100%.  Not a million miles from Winnebago Deal in a way (that is a compliment coming from me, I promise).

21 tonnes starts mellow, gets heavier but stays slow.  Fuzz- and synths-out late on.  Nice.  I think it would be fair to call Casa De Eduardo playful.

I find it hard to review stuff like this – so much easier if I absolutely love something, or absolutely hate it, or at least know the genre pretty damn well.  With something like this I can say I like it a lot.  I can say that Trevor’s Head are not as good as Queens of the Stone Age.  I sincerely hope that they do not regard this as an insult – I certainly don’t regard it as such!  I can say that the standard of local bands is exceptionally high, and this record proves that.  I can say that I love that Trevor’s head mix it up.

Go see, go buy their shit.


You Make Me Die vs You Make me Die

January 26, 2017

Thee Mighty Caesars



Records, CDs, Cassettes, Music Books etc For Sale

January 26, 2017

This post is going to be a constantly updated advert for music, music books etc that I have for sale.  Collection (near Guildford Law College) or meet in Central Guildford, or maybe at a local gig.  Will consider posting at cost, especially if you are buying multiple items.  Many things not really worth posting.  Contact me via facebook –

I have tried to break things down into four categories, with everything alphabetical by artist (or author or subject) –

Indie, Alternative, Punk, Metal, Experimental etc.

Mainstream Rock and Pop

Music Books

Music Gear – amps, guitars, pedals, cables, etc


Here goes the full list.  It will be added to over coming months.  Some stuff might be being sold because I have grown out of it, or acquired it when clearing a house, or because I’ve decided I don’t need two copies!  Don’t assume I have ever liked what I am selling, and don’t assume I dislike it now either!  If I’m flogging a cassette it might be because I have upgraded to record or CD.  It might because I haven’t liked the cunt since I was 12 and I don’t much like owning objects created by paedophiles.

Please assume good or better order (unless stated).  Will try to add photos here over time


Indie, Alternative, Punk, Metal, Experimental etc.

Bernard Butler – The Garage Tapes – NME – Cassette – £1

The Dandy Warhols – The Dandy Warhols – CD – £2

The Flaming Lips – At War With the Mystics – CD – £2

Fountains of Wayne – Welcome Interstate Managers – CD – £3

Iron Maiden – The History Of Iron Maiden – Part 1 – The Early Days (Double DVD, 2004) – £6

Orange Juice – The Very Best Of… – CD – £2

Super Furry Animals – mwmg – CD – £2

The  Thermals – The Body The Blood The Machine – CD – £3

Various Artists – Sub Pop – Infecting the Galaxy One Planet at a Time- CD – £3


Mainstream Rock and Pop

Beck – Midnite Vultures – CD – £1

Blur – The Best Of Blur – 2 x CD – cracked case – £1

Camille – Live en Trianon – CD – cracked case – £1

The Coral – Magic and Medicine – CD – cracked case – £1

The Coral – The Coral – CD – cracked case – £1

Gloria Estefan – Anything For You – Cassette – £1

Florence + The Machine – Lungs – CD – £1

Florence + The Machine – Ceremonials – CD – £1

Michael Jackson – Bad – Cassette – £1

The Killers – Day and Age – CD – £1

No Doubt – The Singles 1992-2003 – CD – £1

OK GO – Oh No – CD – £1

OK GO – OK GO – CD – £1


Music Books

David Bowie – In His Own Words – Compiled by Miles – £6

Charles R. Cross, Heavier Than Heaven – The Biography of Kurt Cobain (Paperback) – £5

Debbie Gibson – Book – (Paperback) – 50p

Gerald Nachman – Raised by Radio (Paperback) [Interesting book which goes right back to the early days of US radio] – reasonable order – £1

NME and Melody Maker Books x 3 – Book Of Quotes – Unknown Pleasures – On The Other Hand – (Paperback) – £1

Simon Reynolds – Rip it Up and Start Again: Post Punk 1978-1984 (Paperback) [Awesome book] – reasonable order – £5

Shaun Ryder – Twisting My Melon – Autobiography (Hard Back) – £5

Giles Smith – Lost in Music (Paperback, 1995) – £2


Music Gear

Laney Mighty 50 – 50 watt solid state guitar amp from 1980 or so.  Very grungey.  Headphone jack fitted.  £30

Tigercub – Control – Single

January 25, 2017

Control by Tigercub is a new single out on Alcopop!  It reminds me of this little lot.  Not musically you understand, I couldn’t listen to enough of the music for it to remind me of anything other than the word boring.

My Puppet Pal by Tiger.  Genius.

Strange Kind of Love by Cub*

Bodies and Control and Money and Power by Priests.  Genius (previously reviewed on here if memory serves) –

*  OK – I had to cheat.  This song was by Cud not Cub, and their version of their own song was pretty shit so I have linked to the superior Family Cat cover of it.


Small Crowds At Gigs

January 25, 2017

Before I start I have to mention the reverse… the last couple of ACM nights at the Star in Guildford that I have been to have been very well attended, especially for a Monday night.  Not a bad effort guys and girls.

Just a quick one for any musicians out there who get depressed when the venue they’re playing ain’t bursting at the seams.

There exists a singer-songwriter-guitarist who I will not name for fear of offending or embarrassing him, though I doubt he would ever read this or care.  He played (briefly) in a band who were (or rather are) genuinely famous – an alternative rock band who received massive critical acclaim and had a string of Top 40 hits.  After he left them he got a major label solo deal and released a couple of albums.  6 or 7 years after getting dropped by the major he formed another band who gained significant critical acclaim and enough success to appear on Top of the Pops.

In between the solo deal and TOTP he had another band – a three piece – who lasted a couple of years.  They were genuinely brilliant.  I once went to see them play a gig in the back-room of a pub in Camden.  Whether or not there were more audience members than band members in the room for those 40 minutes or so comes down to one simple question… is the soundman part of the audience or not?  If he is then us audience members outnumbered the band, otherwise it was a draw.

And I wonder why some local gigs in Surrey struggle to get many people through the door sometimes.  It really ain’t easy to fill a venue.

A few words on a Muncie Girls Interview

January 25, 2017

There’s a great little Muncie Girls interview here –

Nice interview. With apologies in advance for being an opinionated pain in the arse, I’d like to make a few points.

(1) Rob Barbour (Interviewer) – “…I put forward a theory: that one of the reasons people connect with bands like Muncie Girls is that their lack of pretence marks a refreshing change from the previous generation of British rock bands.”

Rob – there have been both pretentious and unpretentious bands around for decades / ever… and both have their place. Authentic and real is good, likewise and over the top glamour and show-biz silliness can be good.  Bit of a silly theory if you ask me!

(2) Rob Barbour – “So there are no specific ambitions? There’s no grand plan?”

Lande Hekt “Oh god no! Not at all.”

Lande – in some ways I love that attitude… do your art and have fun and whatever happens, happens. That said ambition/s can get you a long way and help spread your message – a bit of ambition can be good, as can a lot of it unless you use ambition as a justification for behaving like an arse.  Remember – ambition is not simply about wanting to be a big band with lots of money, you can be ambitious about inspiring as many women as possible, or playing to as many people as possible, or doing it for as long as possible without compromising your principles.  There are all sorts of good ambitions you can have.  And grand plans… never trust a band who want to be headlining festivals in 3-5 years’ time, but then again grand plans are what can potentially take a little band into the realms of great art.

(3) Lande Hekt “People who support you are the only reason you exist as a band. But I guess some people really love being ‘rock stars’.”

Lande – in some ways I love that attitude… on the other hand you risk selling yourself short. Surely a belief in your art should be a massive part of why you exist as a band? Surely a desire to say ‘fuck you’ to the sorts of people who don’t like seeing strong women or independent bands is as good if not better reason to exist than your fans are?Rant Over!

Keep up the good work Muncie Girls.

Peaness – Same Place – Single

January 24, 2017

Wild Eye loves

The name


Girls with guitars

Jaguar Basses

The fringes

The rhythm guitar on this track especially, which is bang on.

Lush female vocals

Bandcamp –


Wild Eye Hates

The name

Bands doing music that sounds like it should have been released on Sarah 28 years ago.

The cover

The bit that goes a bit afro-beat / Foals

Music that ain’t angry

Soundcloud –

Blue Hair

Trevor’s Head – Otherside EP

January 23, 2017

New review, old release.  I bought this little beaut back when I saw them live, but it actually dates back even further to when they were a 4-piece.

What the fuck are Trevor’s Head?   It shouldn’t matter but it does.  This is my problem not Trevor’s Head’s.  I’ve definitely been overthinking it and tying myself in knots over the few weeks that this review has slowly been written in dribs and drabs.  Maybe I should take them at their word and call them punk / stoner. I need to write somethingsometime soon on what is punk.  They’re a stoner band, all about the riffs… but they do combine it with a bit of the punk “don’t give a fuck” thing, but ironically their the-punk-don’t-give-a-fuck thing expresses itself but dipping into a bit of prog as much as it does noise.

The Rat starts with some feedback and a fine fine riff… it rocks… I like it… good vocals too, though they could be a touch grittier… Otherside is (fucking) energetic and opens with a better riff than the Rat which is a pretty decent achievement in itself… AI starts as if it hasn’t really started then half-way through its relatively short length goes cod-reggae-ish-or-something… this is a band who do not give a fuck.  Cod-reggae is a horrific thing.  Not giving a fuck is the greatest thing.  Flutes!  Bastards, you’re confusing me.  Start Something is back to the form shown on the first two tracks.  It rocks.

Nameless is acoustic (well it’s not, its been recorded so it can’t be acoustic, but you know what I mean)… mellow finger-picked, really nice track.  Roger’s voice suits this song better than it does the rockier stuff.  I feel a bit bad saying that because he has a voice on him.  Smoke more you lazy fucker or don’t you give a shit about your art?  Or gargle gravel whilst drinking flaming double JDs or something.

TLDR – fucking good hi-energy stoner-rock with added wierdness / don’tgiveafuckery.

That’s it.  Buy it.

Actually I really do have to stress how petty I’m being here.  When I was a kid I reckon 50% to 80% of local bands and support bands at small gigs that I saw were absolutely ruined by appalling singers.  Things have improved massively over the last 25 ears.  Roger’s voice is damn fine and it works with the music… all I’m saying is that it suits the less rocky tracks a touch better.  IMHO.


January 22, 2017

Another link from the mighty Neil Kuljarni’s mighty ‘FUNK’ blog –

Read it writers.  Love you Neil!

Martina McBride – When God-Fearin’ Women Get The Blues

January 21, 2017

That is a proper song.