Sophie and the Giants Pt 2

I’ve just read an interview and make the following observations.

(1)  Queen were shit.  FACT.  If you really did listen to a lot of Queen as a kid you might as well give up now, you have been polluted.  I know someone who met Freddie Mercury a few times as it goes.  His opinion “she was such a bitch”.

(2)  “Sophie and the Giants excel in their like-minded attitude, the one that comes from these bands that form at university” is literally the most bullshit-ridden sentence I have ever read in my life.  Seriously, do you (writer) even think when you write this shit?

(3)  They claim to have grunge influences.  Can you (SATG) please point me to a song where your grunge influences come through?  If you are not more grungey than this that was recorded 6 generations ago then you have no claim on the word –

I read the rest of the interview but everything about the questions and the responses was so boring that I couldn’t take it in let alone remember it.

Fuck everyone.



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