Blackwaters – So Far Out

Came out a couple of months back… nothing new or original… but a superb song with proper high energy levels and a damn fine video as well.  Nice…

Go see ’em at the Boileroom on Friday 27th January 2017 and check out their facebook page –

Ideally this blog wants new and fresh and original.  It wants a band to come along who mix electro, dubstep, psychedelia and punk with 14 gneres from the future.  But this blog is willing to accept that punk / punk-pop is fucking great when done fucking well, and this mob know what they’re doing.  Like properly know what they’re doing.

I have to admit that this post was prompted by seeing Blackwaters thank [brand name deliberately ommitted] on Facebook… I have to say that any band that accept any form of corporate sponsorship are going to get a negative reaction from me.  Fucking play your music, do your thing, answer to no-one and fucking well split up when you want to / have to.  A band that accept corporate sponsorship have to do more to win me over or keep me onside.  Saying that I have no idea what exactly they have done or why, but having some cash to go towards touring and recording is I’m sure at least part of the reason, so I can’t be too hard on them.

Fuck [brand name deliberately ommitted] though.  I’d never buy shit from [brand name deliberately ommitted] anyway, but I’m even less likely to now.  Keep you dirty fucking corporate mitts out of fucking punk rock you corporate arsehole fuckers.

And if I’m gonna mention Blackwaters then I have to link to Wild Billy Childish and the Blackhands doing Anarchy in the UK.  This is punk too –




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