Desmerelda – Lady Sees The Lies

I don’t think I’ve seen Desmerelda live yet… certainly can’t remember it if I did.  Last time I checked their ACM page said “Alternative Rock.  Desmerelda are infused with rock, funky beats and pop-sensibility; coming out of the suburbs of Guildford in 2015.” Can’t massively disagree with that.

I have only checked the new single on iTunes – this review is based on a minute and a half per song, not the full songs.  I don’t always spell out things this clearly and do occasionally mouth off without even bothering to listen to the band, but that’s all part of the fun ain’t it?

A-side’s pretty catchy and I like the vocal phrasing.  Basically its  a pretty commercial, not-particularly-hard take on bluesy hard rock.  It’d be interesting to see how much more aggressive they are live.  They get that writing a tune and getting that bass funky adds to the music they make and this track is very listenable.

B-side Don’t You Wanna is weaker, but not bad at all… probably why its not the A-side… some of the guitar work does hint at the “alternative” part of “alternative rock” a bit more than the A-said does.

I don’t particularly get where they’re going with this… I’d like them to go more stoner and harder and get a bit more of repetitive vibe going, but that’s just me expressing my musical tastes.  I hear music like this and it reminds me of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club… only BRMC take it a bit more in the noise-pop / shoegaze / psychedelic direction.  Again I am expressing my personal tastes.  Has fairly commercial hard rock got enough sales potential to be worth pursuing for monetary reasons?   Is this precisely the music they want to create, or are they mindful of building an audience?

Not bad at all, and I reckon they’d be pretty fun to listen to live with the volume cranked and a pint in hand.

Go visit iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, Amazon.




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