Trevor’s Head – Otherside EP

New review, old release.  I bought this little beaut back when I saw them live, but it actually dates back even further to when they were a 4-piece.

What the fuck are Trevor’s Head?   It shouldn’t matter but it does.  This is my problem not Trevor’s Head’s.  I’ve definitely been overthinking it and tying myself in knots over the few weeks that this review has slowly been written in dribs and drabs.  Maybe I should take them at their word and call them punk / stoner. I need to write somethingsometime soon on what is punk.  They’re a stoner band, all about the riffs… but they do combine it with a bit of the punk “don’t give a fuck” thing, but ironically their the-punk-don’t-give-a-fuck thing expresses itself but dipping into a bit of prog as much as it does noise.

The Rat starts with some feedback and a fine fine riff… it rocks… I like it… good vocals too, though they could be a touch grittier… Otherside is (fucking) energetic and opens with a better riff than the Rat which is a pretty decent achievement in itself… AI starts as if it hasn’t really started then half-way through its relatively short length goes cod-reggae-ish-or-something… this is a band who do not give a fuck.  Cod-reggae is a horrific thing.  Not giving a fuck is the greatest thing.  Flutes!  Bastards, you’re confusing me.  Start Something is back to the form shown on the first two tracks.  It rocks.

Nameless is acoustic (well it’s not, its been recorded so it can’t be acoustic, but you know what I mean)… mellow finger-picked, really nice track.  Roger’s voice suits this song better than it does the rockier stuff.  I feel a bit bad saying that because he has a voice on him.  Smoke more you lazy fucker or don’t you give a shit about your art?  Or gargle gravel whilst drinking flaming double JDs or something.

TLDR – fucking good hi-energy stoner-rock with added wierdness / don’tgiveafuckery.

That’s it.  Buy it.

Actually I really do have to stress how petty I’m being here.  When I was a kid I reckon 50% to 80% of local bands and support bands at small gigs that I saw were absolutely ruined by appalling singers.  Things have improved massively over the last 25 ears.  Roger’s voice is damn fine and it works with the music… all I’m saying is that it suits the less rocky tracks a touch better.  IMHO.


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