A few words on a Muncie Girls Interview

There’s a great little Muncie Girls interview here –


Nice interview. With apologies in advance for being an opinionated pain in the arse, I’d like to make a few points.

(1) Rob Barbour (Interviewer) – “…I put forward a theory: that one of the reasons people connect with bands like Muncie Girls is that their lack of pretence marks a refreshing change from the previous generation of British rock bands.”

Rob – there have been both pretentious and unpretentious bands around for decades / ever… and both have their place. Authentic and real is good, likewise and over the top glamour and show-biz silliness can be good.  Bit of a silly theory if you ask me!

(2) Rob Barbour – “So there are no specific ambitions? There’s no grand plan?”

Lande Hekt “Oh god no! Not at all.”

Lande – in some ways I love that attitude… do your art and have fun and whatever happens, happens. That said ambition/s can get you a long way and help spread your message – a bit of ambition can be good, as can a lot of it unless you use ambition as a justification for behaving like an arse.  Remember – ambition is not simply about wanting to be a big band with lots of money, you can be ambitious about inspiring as many women as possible, or playing to as many people as possible, or doing it for as long as possible without compromising your principles.  There are all sorts of good ambitions you can have.  And grand plans… never trust a band who want to be headlining festivals in 3-5 years’ time, but then again grand plans are what can potentially take a little band into the realms of great art.

(3) Lande Hekt “People who support you are the only reason you exist as a band. But I guess some people really love being ‘rock stars’.”

Lande – in some ways I love that attitude… on the other hand you risk selling yourself short. Surely a belief in your art should be a massive part of why you exist as a band? Surely a desire to say ‘fuck you’ to the sorts of people who don’t like seeing strong women or independent bands is as good if not better reason to exist than your fans are?Rant Over!

Keep up the good work Muncie Girls.



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