Small Crowds At Gigs

Before I start I have to mention the reverse… the last couple of ACM nights at the Star in Guildford that I have been to have been very well attended, especially for a Monday night.  Not a bad effort guys and girls.

Just a quick one for any musicians out there who get depressed when the venue they’re playing ain’t bursting at the seams.

There exists a singer-songwriter-guitarist who I will not name for fear of offending or embarrassing him, though I doubt he would ever read this or care.  He played (briefly) in a band who were (or rather are) genuinely famous – an alternative rock band who received massive critical acclaim and had a string of Top 40 hits.  After he left them he got a major label solo deal and released a couple of albums.  6 or 7 years after getting dropped by the major he formed another band who gained significant critical acclaim and enough success to appear on Top of the Pops.

In between the solo deal and TOTP he had another band – a three piece – who lasted a couple of years.  They were genuinely brilliant.  I once went to see them play a gig in the back-room of a pub in Camden.  Whether or not there were more audience members than band members in the room for those 40 minutes or so comes down to one simple question… is the soundman part of the audience or not?  If he is then us audience members outnumbered the band, otherwise it was a draw.

And I wonder why some local gigs in Surrey struggle to get many people through the door sometimes.  It really ain’t easy to fill a venue.


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