Trevor’s Head – Tricolossus LP

11 tracks of stoner rock, with a mad, horned, 3-eyed proboscidea staring out from the cover?

What more do you want, other than more timely reviews of course?

Blood Moon starts the album off on top form, with  a riff of a very high quality.  Government Whores continues the decent riff theme whilst picking up the pace… is this where they get the idea that they’re stoner punk?  Stoner pace for much of the song, but the beginning and the very end is more of a punk tempo.  Deep Blue Fish is gonna be a bit odd, you can tell straight off… I could write it off as one of the weaker songs, some of the lyrics are clever, but in a pretty cheesy way, rolled ‘r’s’ are great, but somewhat shatter the ‘we’re a serious stoner band’ vibe… but to be fair to Trevor’s Head the fact that they’re so eminently listenable is down to them being more than JASB (Just Another Stoner Band).

Idiot Time is right here, right now, fucking Trump-voters and moron Brexitears (adjusting spelling, the last ‘e’ has been changed to an ‘a’ to reflect the crying these arseholes will do when they realise they’ve fucked us all up.)  Idiot Time is also a great little metal-infused punk number.

And onto the second longest track on the album.  These guys can write a riff / song.  Ordinary Kind.  Damn fine stoner rock.

But A Scratch picks up the pace again… nice… not one of the best on the album… not bad, but I suspect its there as much to vary the pace as it is because they were like “this track is so fucking great we just have to stick it on.”  The next track is kind of the reverse in most ways.

Pan-Galatic Peaceniks is heavy.  The riff 48 seconds in reminds me of Cheech and Chong.  This is no bad thing, but I am not sure that I have the time or inclination to go through my Cheech and Chongs songs trying to find out what (if anything) specifically gave that idea.

Roll Over It is kinda punk kinda bordering on hardcore with a stoner edge.  Vocals given 100%.  Not a million miles from Winnebago Deal in a way (that is a compliment coming from me, I promise).

21 tonnes starts mellow, gets heavier but stays slow.  Fuzz- and synths-out late on.  Nice.  I think it would be fair to call Casa De Eduardo playful.

I find it hard to review stuff like this – so much easier if I absolutely love something, or absolutely hate it, or at least know the genre pretty damn well.  With something like this I can say I like it a lot.  I can say that Trevor’s Head are not as good as Queens of the Stone Age.  I sincerely hope that they do not regard this as an insult – I certainly don’t regard it as such!  I can say that the standard of local bands is exceptionally high, and this record proves that.  I can say that I love that Trevor’s head mix it up.

Go see, go buy their shit.


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