Jasta 11 Gigs April 7th 2017, Star Inn, Guildford

I’d love to know what Jasta 11’s raison d’etre is… I keep an eye on what they do and I can’t make them out.

Gig coming up on April 7th.  Why is it very unlikley that I will be going?  There are three bands playing and I have been online to check ’em out.

(1)  Fuzzwalker.  According to their facebook page they have a couple of gigs coming up at “Battle of the Bands” events.  Sorry, you lost me.  Bands who enter battle of the bands are not bands for me.  Why?  Just why?  Please tell me that you have not handed over a penny to play at the Islington gig.

(2)  Flashfires.  Probably pretty good, but they sound far too much like they want to be (1) Franz Ferdinand, and (2) successful for my tastes… would be reasonably happy to turn up to a gig and find they were on the bill, but not sure I’d go out of my way to hear them.

(3)  Love|less.  Going onto their website shows their official video for “Victim”.  The music ain’t massively my thing, but two things stand out.  Horrific [over-]production on the music.   Maybe live they sound totally different, they probably do… but I’m not sure I’m prepared to take the risk.  Secondly, the video shows them playing a gig to a totally static crowd whilst playing an up-beat number.  I know crowds are hard to get going, but why? WHY? why? release a video that shows a static crowd… if you ain’t got bouncy-crowd footage then do another style of video, surely?  Also, naming yourself after another band or band’s album is poor form IMHO.  It is suicidal if you are naming yourself after an all-time classic album.


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5 Responses to “Jasta 11 Gigs April 7th 2017, Star Inn, Guildford”

  1. Billy Dedman Says:

    You will be pleased to know that we haven’t paid a penny for either Battle of the Bands Shows. Not that it really matters.

    I tell ya what though, I double dog dare ya to come to the gig. You *might* just enjoy yourself. Gotta be better than staying in, critiquing bands without actually seeing them. 😉


    • wildeyemusic Says:

      I admit my post probably verged in the direction of “utterly pointless”… but let gets the facts straight here. I love going to see bands and I want to go see bands. Jasta 11 broadly do indie / alt, so I want to want to go to the gigs they put on. I keep an eye open.

      If there was nothing online about the bands playing then I’d have little choice – take a punt based on the promoter and band names, or stay home. But the web is full of information, videos, blah blah blah, and I cannot help but make my decisions based on it. I have my ideas and prejudices and they inform those decisions.

      I don’t think I slated any of the bands on the bill… I’m sure many people would love the music, and to be fair I might be one of them. But for me, checking out each band online to help inform my decision, each of them have given me reasons not to go. If the bands involved wish to take my points on board to maximise the chances of me or people who think like me (if any exist) coming to see them live then great. If not then I can’t entirely blame them.

      Good luck with the gig all involved!

      • Jeff Borgenstein Says:

        These are absolutely bloody terrible ideas to not go and see these bands! Not to mention terrible journalism mate.

        Disregarding an entire band because they happened to have been asked to play a certain type of show is astoundingly close-minded. DIY bands (especially brand new ones) have to also manage themselves, and have to weigh up what events to book themselves for carefully. Perhaps they see it as a networking situation – if the promoter’s done their job right, you’ll find that battle of the bands events bring together more than the standard amount of similarly styled bands and their fans. Perhaps they’ve even considered that age old “this will be a decent gig” vs “ah but man will say why” issue! You haven’t even mentioned why you think battle of the bands events are such an awful thing. “Why, Just Why” isn’t music blogging, it’s lazy writing. Of course, if you were to tell me you were a professional manager and had some vaguely constructive reasoning then I’d love to take it on board.

        Your second comment is marginally more informative but still ridiculous – at least you’ve compared them to another band. But saying you’re put off going to see a band because they ‘sound like they want to be successful’ is akin to saying ‘Ah I’m wary of eating this cake is looks like it tastes a bit like cake’. I’d reason you probably just don’t really like cake. I’d challenge you to find me one indie (or otherwise) band that take themselves vaguely seriously who don’t. Also, where are you drawing your big, all-encompassing line of ‘success’ here? Heaven forbid someone might want to make a living off of something they love!

        All you’re doing with your third point is slating (and it quite clearly a slating!) Love|less. But at least here you’ve given some reasons why. To be honest though, your main argument, ‘i reckon they might be crap live because I don’t like the music or creative decisions they make’ is still a bad reason to not see what they’ve got live!

        My overly convoluted and unnecessarily long point is, you -haven’t- used the internet as a source of information to inform your decision on whether or not to attend this gig. Like millions of close-minded people, you’ve just used the first thing you’ve found to dubiously back up what you already think! No wonder the world’s all going a bit wrong.

        …Your name isn’t Neil is it, by any chance?

      • wildeyemusic Says:


        I tend to do music criticism more than I do music journalism. Journalism should be factual and unbiased and balanced. Criticism you can say what you want, and I tend to go down the “if I don’t love this band I hate them” old school NME / Melody Maker route. If you’re not incredible then you’re shit. FACT. If you aren’t to my taste, you’re shit, FACT.

        If you think my writing is crap then aside from the fact that you’re probably right you should at least acknowledge that its still a million times better than most of the PR that pretends to be music journalism / criticism nowadays.

        “Disregarding an entire band because they happened to have been asked to play a certain type of show is astoundingly close-minded.” It was incredibly close-minded. And I stand by it. I have subsequently discovered that the rhythm section used to play in a blues rock band. Bands I like don’t feature musicians who used to be in blues rock bands. FACT. Bands I like never played Battle of the Bands shows, FACT.

        I like stuff with an edge, and energy. I love music that is ‘alternative’ – which is certainly, broadly, the scene that Jasta 11 come from, so when I see they’re putting on a gig I hope to see something listed that is vaguely alternative. Blues rock is not alternative. And neither does picking up a guitar make you alternative, nor does playing indie-rock-pop in 2017. People who play blues rock cannot make music I like. FACT.

        Nothing wrong with bands who want to be successful or make a living… but please don’t tell me that I have to be interested in them. A band who either – (1) prioritise success over energy and edge, or (2) sound to me like they do, are not my thing. I’m not big on mainstream music unless it is ‘pure pop’ done exceptionally well. It upsets me when I check out an ‘indie / alt’ line-up and it sounds like a band who are just basically, playing generic indie-rocky-a-bit-poppy stuff that was mainstream ten or so years back. BTW, early Oasis (I used to love Oasis) did not sound like a band who wanted to be successful. They sounded like a band brimming with attitude and energy… and success naturally followed. Very different things. Pretty damn early on, however, they started to sound like a band who wanted to be successful (by this point they aleady were) and started making dreadful dreadful records. [Some might say was the last great record they released, Roll With It” the last listenable one. FACT A FUCKING MUNDO.]

        There are a million and one bands out there, and I have not got time to see them all. I am open-minded to music that I think that I will like. Searching the internet with an open mind and having it made up very very very quickly because I am able to spot the signifiers as to whether a band has any potential to be interesting in seconds is not close-mindedness, it is ruthless efficiency.

        Proper weird day today… I literally did not know that there was a single person on the planet who had so little going on in their life that they’ve got time to read my blog, let alone two!

        And never trust someone who plays a Precision bass. Jazz or Mustang. Or Rickenbacker. Not even a Jaguar Bass, Jags are the coolest things ever but Jaguar basses are UNCOOL.

  2. wildeyemusic Says:

    And one more thing. Check out Pretty Song by Skinny Girl Diet. If this is not your favourite song of 2016 then you’re reading the wrong blog.

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