Jasta 11 Gigs Again

This just ain’t complicated, can’t believe I haven’t looked at it quite this way before.  And let’s get things straight, a big part of this blog is that I like to get music straight in my head (as opposed to simply getting on with enjoying it – never said my brain was sensible).

Jasta 11 are an alternative to the mainstream.  The trouble is that to be an alternative to the mainstream all you really need to do is pick up a guitar.  “Indie” pretty much means “guitar music that is probably not very innovative and is definitely not metal”.  I could go to most Jasta 11 gigs and enjoy them I reckon.

But this is not 1986 or 1991.  Being an alternative to the mainstream is not really good enough, unless you can do it to a very high standard.  There are very few bands as good as the Libertines or Arctic Monkeys.  If there were loads then maybe I’d have never gone looking for an alternative to the alternative.

I was an indie kid.  I’m still an indie kid at heart.  But indie has got more conservative and my taste has got more noisy.  I like what you’re doing, Jasta… please accept my apologies if sometimes I have a rant because it ain’t quite as exciting as it shcould [sic] be.

Thanks for putting on Midway Still who were awesome… might have to come see Wonk Unit.


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