Bits and Bobs – February 19th 2016

Who Saw The Light at the Star Inn Guildford tomorrow.  Should be great.  They are bonkers and heavy, what more could you want?  ACM night.  Free.  Revelry and Xero as well.  Checked out Revelry online, briefly, a while back.  I had ’em down as “female vox, 3 piece.  Good voice, interesting”.  Hopefully they’ll be decent.  Xero too.

I should check out more ACM bands.

Lost in Venice… nothing personal, 3 of the insults were added bonuses, I only really had an issue with the word that most nice people try not to use.

Gonna try to do better gig guide… post one every month or so, covering the upcoming few months mainly.  Guildford Basingstoke Reading Triangle mainly, with a focus on Guildford.

Anyone recommend any relatively hynotic, droney, simple ‘proper’ old school blues?  Recently started listening to a bit of Jessie Mae Hemphill and need to explore more of her and similar.

I don’t give the Boileroom the love it deserves on this blog.  Sorry Boileroom guys.  Its a cool venue and you put some great bands on.  Ditto Jasta 11 and Rose Coloured – keep promoting, Guildford needs people like you, it really does.

How good are Pensevor?  ANNOUNCE SOME FUCKING GIGS!


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