King Boy D and Rockman Rock

The KLF / JAMS / Justified Ancients of Mu Mu / Timelords were incredible band.  Forgetting the music for one second, as artists they are legends.  I mean that as in the whole package of the band… but also, as, simply, artists, literally doing art.

The Manual.  The incident on the island with some cash.  The K Foundation.  Drummond’s ficition and non-fiction.  The tower in Northern Island.  The Brits appearance.

There are bands / artists that I have total respect for in terms of the whole package.  Most are punk, or were, the KLF came out of punk I suppose too.

Black Flag. Fugazi.  Underground Resistance.  The KLF.

As a pop-dance band they are up there as one of my top 3.  But that’s nothing compared to the rest of what they did.

So, January the 1st this year we got –

Well worth a watch.  Start to finish, no corner cutting.  If you can’t be arsed to watch it then you have no business reading this blog.

Then a few days later –

Can’t wait.


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