Xero, Who Saw The Light, Revelry – Noise Theory at the Star, Guildford, 20th February 2017

I liked Revelry… bass, drums and female vox.  Heavily Royal Blood influenced, a decent singer who reminds me a little of Beth Ditto (to say “she’s reminiscent” is a compliment, to add “she’s nowhere near as good” is, perhaps, inevitable.  Ditto is GREAT).  They tread a middle ground where you think they are a step to the right away from being very much mainstream, and a step to the left away from being quite alternative.  They rock.  The bassist filled the sound out really well with the help of a pitchfork and no small amount of talent.  Check ’em.  One of the better ACM bands I’ve ever seen.

Who Saw The Light… I was much less shock and awed by them second time around, and there were sound issues especially early on… but overall damn good again… not much to add.  Looking forward to the next time, looking forward to them developing as a band.

Xero, not my thing, sorry.

Shit review, no time, sue me.


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