Vinyl Staircase

Why do bands use fucking soundcloud?   I detest that after playing a song you consciously choose to listen to it selects some random crap. From a band’s point of view it is terrible too.  I press play on Vinyl Staircase and now have a subconscious association with some other random shit band that played afterwards.  Do not use fucking soundcloud it’s fucking shit.  FACT.

Bands.  Use bandcamp, FFS.

Not fucking soundcloud.

Next point of order.  Definitions.  OK, so I’m wasting my time here, but they’re important to me.  Their facebook page says “Shreddin’ central” as a genre at the minute.  The website shows –

“Rays of gleaming psych guitars chime over stamping drums and gorgeous lyrics” – NME
“Like Syd Barret fronting Sonic Youth” – The Boston Globe, Bands To Watch

They are playing Portsmouth Psych Fest.

Maybe I’m nuts but to my mind for a band to be psychedelic it has to make mind-twisting music.  Vinyl Staircase are not psychedelic from what I’ve heard.  I don’t think of “psych” music as psychedelic, but I probably should.  I think of psych as 60s garage with a hint of psychedelia.  Not sure they’re 60s-y enough or garage-y enough to be my warped definition of psych either.

That said their take on rock / guitar music is certainly a little psychedelic, it certainly nods to old 60s bands more than most modern bands do.  And how many of the old psychedelic bands were genuinely psychedelic?  I’ve just listened to a bit of old Lost and Found and psychedelic wasn’t as psychedelic as it should have been.  Actually, maybe the truth is that psychedelic music now has to be much more psychedelic to sound psychdelic to 2017 ears, compared to 1960s ears.

Vinyl Staircase are kinda Dreampop as well (not to be confused with Shoegaze, an entirely different thing).  Or is that more bullshit, I’m now listening to a track of their from Dorkfest and I can’t decide whether it is more dreampop or shoegaze, which probably means they’re near as damnit the same thing.

Why am I so fucking obsessed with labelling and putting in boxes? WTF is the point?

Do Vinyl Staircase disappoint me because they’re not psychedelic enough?  Or did I persist with them more than I would otherwise, because they told me they were psychedelic before I heard them, so I was wanting to like them?  I think the latter, followed a bit by the former.

I want to like them.  I do quite like them.  Check ’em out online, there’s a fair bit on youtube.  Go see them live, I will do.

If I were to be asked for my advice I would say “get weirder, get more of a 60s sound, or maybe more of an odder modern sound.  Get heavier.  Bigger riffs.  More repetition, more drones, more hypnotic.  More fuzz.  More tremolo.”

And one more thing, here’s a link to an article in the Quietus.  This is an article written by someone who appears to know something.  Vinyl Staircase should read this.  Everyone should –


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