“Liverpool to reimagine The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper in eclectic arts festival”…

… say the BBC in a total non-story.

The fucking Six fucking Music fucking Velvet Underground and Nico / 1st Stooges LP / Radiohead fucking consensus / what’s cool orthodoxy is repellent enough, but this shite?  The fucking Sgt Pepper-is-better-than-all-other-pieces-of-music-ever-released-combined consensus that makes me want to vomit.  Then you see the line-up for the festival and it makes me want to destroy all art ever.  And artists.  Every last one of them.

Great pop band, in the early 60s, made some more interesting stuff and then went shit 50-odd years ago.  Sgt Pepper is a steaming pile.  Not only that it is fucking 50 years old… there’s only so many times I need to be lied to about how wonderful it is.  It isn’t, its twee cod-psychedelic crap.

Fuck the Beatles, fuck Liverpool, fuck the BBC, and especially fuck Sgt Pepper, Abbey Road, Yellow pricking Submarine and whatever other unlistenable bollocks the biggest arsehole in history (sorry, the biggest pre-Bono arsehole in history) and his three mates shat out late in their careers.

I do like the White Album though.

Some examples of the used bog roll on offer at this shitfest-ival –

“Getting Better – DJ Spooky will create a performance and audio-visual installation asking whether the world is getting better”

“Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – Mark Morris Dance Group will stage the premiere of Pepperland, with a score inspired by Beatles tracks and performed by a chamber music ensemble”

“When I’m Sixty-Four – Sixty-four choirs of all ages from the city will come together to perform a mass sing-along of the track on BBC Radio Merseyside”

“Good Morning Good Morning – Theatres, clubs, galleries and music venues will open their doors at the crack of dawn for one day on 9 June”

“Reprise – An unnamed “leading artist” will perform incognito in a surprise venue, also on 9 June”  [Name and shame the fuck-knuckle]

Seriously, can you think of anything worse?  Anything at all?   I’m struggling, and I’ve noticed we’re living in a cruel, backward, rascist, post-brexit world.


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