Nervus, Sibling, Belleview Days, Camcorder – the Boileroom, Guildford, February 27th 2017

Not a proper review… but I have to write a few words… [edit – actually, I already wrote a few words and they’d been stuck in a draft folder for a month].

Camcorder – missed ’em.  A bit gutted.  Wanted to see them play with a little less loud sound system.  I know they’re a noisy band, but I think that they’re probably better on record or with the sound a little more under control than when I saw them at the Star.  Boileroom gigs start too early!

Belleview Days.  Bit of a Biffy influence?  Indie rock… less modern sounding than many younger bands, I liked ’em.

Sibling.  Not bad, not blown away, wouldn’t mind seeing them again.

Nervus.  I like them… again, not 100% my thing, but they do have a certain something (mainly two singers – one on keys, one with a bit of guitar action going on – who know what they’re doing and keep things interesting.)


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