Swords of Thought – Breathe In Light ep review

They’ve done it again… So Low… gentle beat, quiet vocals, bass… and a unique grungey sound that I really can’t work out what they did to cause… it simultaneously does nothing whilst building the noise; it is mellow and melodic, whilst the guitar crackles in ways I struggle to remember hearing before.  Everthing and nothing.  Even on a track like this which is kinda just noise their sense of melody shines through.

Track 2, Dirty C.  Very Sonic Youth.  I just love the way they’re just the most beautiful lazy pop, drenched in noise.  I love the vocals, love it all.

Demon D, pace rises, drums get thumped, stop start.  More fuzzy laziness combined with noise and speed this time.

The title track – Breathe In Light – is both longest and lastest.  More of the same.

In many ways Swords of Thought nail all the best things.  I love the trend nowadays towards complex and changing time signatures that many bands use… but something more simply danceable’s probably better most of the time.  I love pop music, but love a bit of noise – check and check.  The lead song from the ep is not just ‘not the most poppy’… its positively ‘barely a song’.  Balls.

I just find this kinda thing really easy to listen to… just so chilled out whilst having energy and melody and oodles of noise.  SoT make me happy.

In terms of criticism… wear influences on their sleeves a bit too much perhaps; the sound’s a bit late 80s / 90s / early 00s perhaps… maybe a bit dated (this is a big part of the reason I love them); not sure they’ve ever written a song as good as Kool Thing or Monkey Gone To Heaven.  Who has?  Minor criticisms in the grand scheme.

Swords of Thought Bandcamp


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