Bring Back The Death Penalty – A Brief Article About Conor Oberst

I have recently had the misfortune to hear Conor Oberst on 6 Music.

It is 2017 and I believe that it is unacceptable to put out records which sound like a poor facsimile of 1960s Dylan.

1960s Dylan was pretty good, we all know that.  But let’s face it, there’s been so much infinitely better music made in the last 50 years that makes Dylan a redundant waste of space.  Maybe he’s above Gerry and the Pacemakers in the ‘relevance today’ scheme of things, but he’s below pretty much everyone else.  OK, everyone else.

All artists ever, listed in ascending order of relevance –

(1)  Gerry and the Pacemakers

(2)  Dylan

(3)  Everyone else.

So that’s it.  Oberst was gutted he was a nobody in the “everybody else” category.  But he has single-handedly re-written the list –

(1)  Conor Oberst

(2)  Gerry and the Pacemakers

(3)  Dylan

(4)  Everyone else

Oberst, you’re a disgraceful, pointless, boring, derivative arsehole.  Fuck off for making me want to go against my liberal tendencies and bring back hanging specifically for you.


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