Diagrams – I Tell Myself

God Is In The TV made this their track of the day recently.

“The song (like the rest of the album) sets Trogdon’s words to Diagrams’ music”.  So that’s the first thing first – the lyrics are irrelevent – if you want them then you can read Dorothy Trogden’s work.  If you read them and want to hear them set to music then DIY is my best suggestion.

The alternative is to listen to Diagrams.  You might like boring electronic music that sounds like a kids song apart from it lacks the playfulness and has horrid brass and a shit guitar solo on it.  But you might not.

“Wonderful lyrics like “This morning rain/Makes a mirror of the pavement/Lovely shards of sky and light,” are coupled with the up-tempo track which heavily employs a euphoric brass section and somehow just sounds totally right for the nonagenarian’s words.”

Only they’re not lyrics are they, they’re poetry.  In the context of music they are bound to fail compared to “all I need are cigarettes and alcohol” or “Wild Thing, you make my dick swing” or however that troglodyte classic went.  (I say classic, they did a shit load of much better songs than that).  “Heavily employs a euphoric brass section” and “sounds totally right for the nonagenarian’s words”.  Why did you not just spell out what these two phrases mean, clearly.  THIS SONG IS FUCKING SHIT. 



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