Tips for aspiring psychedelic / psych / shoegaze bands

Sitar sounds, 60s clothes and bowl cuts are an indication that you live in the past, you are doing psych by numbers, not from the heart.  Please don’t live in the past – it’s what boring old cunts and Tories do, not hip young things who make cool music.  Take bits from the past and move it forward.  Don’t make your influences so obvious.

Shoegaze was basically shit.  Proto-shoegaze was great, shoegaze on paper was great.  Shoegaze in reality was shit.  Bin your Slowdive and Chapterhouse records and if you ever think you sound even vaguely like either kill yourselves.

Wet vocals?  I much prefer bands with vocals, but instrumental music is an option.  Or get a new singer.  Nothing wrong with spoken, whispered, quiet vocal, but it can be done without it sounding like you spent you’re childhood in a cupboard because you were terrified of your little sister beating you up AGAIN.


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