The Electrical Storm – Grunge, My Part In Its Downfall by Everett True

“The Electrical Storm (illustrations by reclusive French geniusVincent Vanoli) is a collection of stories from my life. A collection of short stories, with the names often omitted because I am intrigued as to whether they stand up without a famous name attached. If you think about them enough, mostly it is obvious who they are about.” Everett True

I absolutely loved it.  From the first page my mind was racing as to who was being talked about and I could barely read two pages without wanting / having to share stories with my other half.

If you want an autobiography then – whilst this gives small insights – will massively disappoint.

If you don’t know loads about 80s and 90s pop, rock and indie then I can see you being frustrated.  If you think a salacious story with the name ommitted is pointless and annoying then you will find the book annoyingly pointless.  If you are planning on reading it and googling all the way to work out who’s being talked about then the book will be much better value as it will take three times a not particularly long length of time to read.

If you think Everett True is a dickwad then you will be certain come the end.

But if you want to read a book of stories that evoke the spirit of rock n roll, its brilliance and its ludicrousness then buy it now.  If you love to read, but you find most music books boring and / or uninspiringly written, and you don’t much like non-music books then this is essential.

I love Everett True, The Legend!  This book makes me want to write, play, create.  It wants me to check out bands that I don’t know the names of because he refuses to tell me.  It makes me jealous that [I presume, relative to the worship he should be receiving] ingrates at ACM are unaware at the genius they have lecturing under his (two thirds) given name Dr Jerry Thackray.

Buy the book here –


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