Reality Dreaming – Aussie Band

Please do not read this post – it is not worth your time.

On their facebook page they say –

“We are Reality Dreaming, a young bunch of teens and young adults ready to let out good quality tunes. We aim for our songs to inspire creativity and give listening enjoyment to everyone, not just people who like rock.”

Not promising.  I could write 5,000 words on these two sentences, but I’ll keep it brief.  Aiming to give listening enjoyment to everyone is – best case – going to see you giving listening enjoyment to a bunch of pricks only, the sorts of people who don’t really like music.  Grow some balls and do something you believe in, not wishy-washy please everyone bullshit.  FFS.  “Rock” in 2017.  Double FFS.

Photos.  Clearly not a band interested in presenting a strong image, maybe the music’s what this band are all about…

…  I can’t, I really can’t say anything.  Make your own mind up.

Very early days for the band clearly, things can only go one way from here.




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