Tuskar – Arianrhod ep

Cos I couldn’t go see ’em tonight… fuck holidays…

I have listened to it 15 times now, roughly.  Guesstimate based on 12 plays on my iTunes, and the fact I’ve been listening to it the iPod as well.  Probably an under-guesstimate.  That said I have partly been listening it so much cos I’ve been trying to work out how to review it and it’s bloody hard.  I like banging on and expressing my opinions, but I just don’t know sludge well enough to have a strong opinon where it falls in the genre.

Gonna start on the mix… Are the drums a touch quiet, and the vocals a touch-and-a-bit too quiet or is it me? Not a big issue, more an observation.  Does being bassless add anything?  Does it take anything away?  Not sure, but gut feel – consider a bassist, though maybe they like the way it works live as a two piece and they’re not gonna be a bassless band on stage and use bass on the records.

The only other criticisms I’m gonna make of this sludge ep are these.  The worst bits aren’t as good as the best bits, and I’d rather listen to The Melvins.  None of these things are really criticism.

Fateweaver, drums, feedback… quite epic… changes massively and speeds up circa 3.40 in, ends with more feedback, straight into Where Strides The Colossus. Better riff.  Toegrinder reminds me a touch of Mastodon, but then again WTF do I know about metal?  Not.  A. Lot.  Bit of light relief part way through.  Moon Hooch, starts heavy and slow and feedback again. Best riff yet, Melvins-like?  This track is actually fucking great. Crimson Skull, slow start, chuggiest track.

I really like it, I just don’t know the competition well enough to know whether they’re a fine band who you should check out if your a fan of the genre, or if you like heavy music and they’re playing near you… or are they damn good, worthy of massive hyperbole? Suppose I better check out a shit load more sludge, and keep an eye on what they’re doing, and maybe sometime I’ll work it out.

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2 Responses to “Tuskar – Arianrhod ep”

  1. John becker Says:

    Dear mr wild eyes music,

    I have a few points to leave after this review.

    1. Your grammar and your use of words. It’s absaloutlely attrocious. Do you write like you talk? Scratch that do you even read your writing. I had to get my four year old son to desypher the meaning behind this.

    2. Your judgement on the band, how can you comment on something you don’t understand? Im not one to disagree with ‘freedom of speech’ but seriously? I get you ‘review’ stuff. Or do you?

    3. I really like the Melvina to.

    4. Your clearly a great guy, your ideas are tremendous. I hear kerrang are close to going under. Have you ever thought about joining them?

    5. I’ve come up with a new name for your blog. TRIPE REVIEWS.

    All in all the review was a jolly good read, especially the part where you can’t quite get to the point and argue with yourself.

    Please do continue to write reviews, as I won’t have anything to read whilst taking my morning shit. If you do ever decide to start printing in a magazine or fanzine please feel free to make me aware, as it will save me tonnes on toilet paper.

    Again thankyou for your wisdom and jolly good words!

    Thanks, or not.

  2. Jeremy Hunt Says:

    In response to the first comment; is desypher code for something?

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