Will Blog For Cash

I am absolutely serious – £50 an article, minimum of 500 words provided – I will write about any song, album, band you wish me to. I’ll even consider reviewing gigs if you pay me extra for travel-time plus my costs, of course.

Oh yeah, if I haven’t got the record and it isn’t freely available on a useable free website (ie not spotify or soundcloud) then you’ll have to send me a physical copy or download link as well.

This offer is primarily aimed at major labels.

I will make it clear at the top and bottom of articles that it is paid content.

Get in touch.




2 Responses to “Will Blog For Cash”

  1. Caspar Jacobs Says:

    Turning down Beautiful Freaks but selling out to the majors, huh? Nah, just kidding of course – let me know if this works so I can try the same trick!

  2. wildeyemusic Says:

    I just want to see if anyone is stupid enough to pay me to completely slate the sort of utter shit that someone might wish to pay bloggers to promote. I am fully expecting zero response.

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