Freakouts – The Star Inn, Guildford, June 13th 2017

Got me thinking.  How on earth would you advise a band like this if you were their manager?  What direction would you try to take the band in if you were one of the members?

I thought they were technically better than they need to be given the style of music they play… I’d be tempted to tell the guitarist to [try to play] a bit more techical stuff, AND tell the whole band to speed up 5 or 10%… whatever it takes to get the band playing closer to or even just past the edge of falling apart.  I’d kinda say that they almost came across too tight, but then maybe I like chaos and talentless musicians much more than most people.

The other thing is stage-craft.  Bands often try to present themselves as ‘real’, as ‘authentic’.  Chaos on stage is great.  But whilst it’s true that you can make a performance more the natural you, or you can create a persona and play a role, the truth is that getting on stage and playing songs is a highly artificial thing to do.  Some of the attempts at getting the audience going and creating a sense of danger felt a bit forced… but then again that’s a natural consequence of it being a performance – not real life – combined with an inevitablity that no band has venues bursting at the seems and uncontrollably ecstatic fans going nuts when they first start out.

Anyway, Freakouts are a grunge / punk / post-punk band from ACM.  There’s a kinda vibe somewhere between old school punk, and – say – the Libertines, I think, but there’s also a big grunge influence going on, and a post-punk angular thing in the mix that helps keep things interesting.

They look like a proper band.

They covered the only decent song Blur ever did.

There wasn’t really much I didn’t like, every last one of them seems to know what they’re doing, no obvious weak links.  Early days, but definitely a band worth keeping an eye on.

freakouts on facebook

There’s also a track on youtube –

Might just mention the other bands.  I didn’t like The Sunrise Set at all.  Kinda country-influenced rock that sounds like it could have been made at any point in the last 45 years.  Really not my thing, I just don’t see the point at all.  I also thought the singer’s brief political ‘banter’ made him look like an arsehole.  He said something about all politicians being the same or somesuch (none worth voting for or something) – sorry, but switch your brain on before suggesting Corbyn and May are vaguely similar let alone the same.

Revelry… fairly mainstream hard rock with a very mainstream female hard rock vocalist.  I like the band, sometimes they hit real heights.  I like the singer, not my kinda style but she has a damn good voice.  Just not particularly my thing, and I kinda have a nagging doubt that the singer doesn’t really suit the band, and vice versa, but then again I’m note sure I know why.  Decent band, bit too mainstream for my tastes.


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2 Responses to “Freakouts – The Star Inn, Guildford, June 13th 2017”

  1. Robert Taylor Says:

    Hey! I’m the arsehole (I really am an arsehole) singer of The Sunrise Set and although I’m not bothered about you liking the music (although some people did actually enjoy it so maybe thats the point you were missing?) I do take umbrage with you saying something I didn’t.
    A flippant comment is not a “political rant” and I said all the political parties were rubbish, which they are, although I did not tell people not to vote and certainly didn’t claim Labour and Conservatives were the same. Anyway, good luck with your blog; hopefully your critical writing skills will improve over time. XXX

  2. wildeyemusic Says:

    Hi Robert. I understand that different people have different tastes in music – my words were my opinion which you and everyone else can ignore or take on board. I nearly didn’t mention you or Revelry, but I quite like Revelry even though they’re not really my thing and your words annoyed me, so I did decide to write a few words on both. I did not tag your band because I have no desire to rub people’s faces in unfavourable reviews.

    Thank you for clarifying what you said. I did not say it was a “rant”, I said “brief political banter” which I think was reasonably accurate. I think that it made you look like an arsehole because the parties are not all rubbish, some parties are actually pretty good, and in comparison to the Tories some are extremely good. IMHO anyone who claims that all parties are rubbish is effectively thoughtless and / or stupid, and fucking dangerous because they are encouraging people not to bother going out to vote for the best option. They are encouraging the extremely dangerous idea that you might as well stay home.

    You clearly have nothing to say about politics – my advice in future is to say nothing.

    Is it my writing you hope improves, or my opinion? I am not a great writer, I never claimed to be. I do, however, have impeccable tastes and a desire to do my little bit to encourage interesting, challenging, alternative music in and around Guildford. And talk about other bands I love and hate.

    At the risk of trolling you massively, you should thank me for the fact that my review of your band did not stretch to 2,000 words. I did actually only say 3 sentences about the music and none about you as a singer. All I said was –

    “I didn’t like The Sunrise Set at all.” I didn’t say you were bad, I said I didn’t like you.

    “Kinda country-influenced rock that sounds like it could have been made at any point in the last 45 years.” Not sure how accurate this description was, but it was a simple attempt at being factual.

    “Really not my thing, I just don’t see the point at all.” I didn’t say you were bad, I said I didn’t like you. I was trying to get across that I thought it was fairly generic and unexciting without saying so explicitly.

    I would be more than happy to re-write my review over 2,000 words giving you my honest and uncensored opinions if you want. I have lots of better things to do than shooting fish in a barrel, but then again it is quite fun once in a while and if the fish ask to be shot then it’s rude to turn them down. Let me know.

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