The Lottery Winners

A few words about a random band I have never heard.

Only I have now heard them, just pressed play in this –

When I hear music like this my only thought is “why?”

You kinda have that slight Foals-y cultural appropriation thing going with the bland clean guitar sound. But basically the story is this.

In the 1960s there were all sorts of guitar pop bands. By the 1970s this type of music was dead, replaced by hard rock, prog, punk, disco, krautrock, glam. Then in the 1980s there was a guitar pop revival. Many people were sick of SAW and the worst of synthpop (and some bands and fans were just luddite arse-wipes who hate electronic music and the future), and we had some amazing guitar pop made again. Some, like stuff on Sarah, was quirky and twee; other stuff like the Stone Roses combined other elements such as the emerging acid house influences to create something that was new as well as a bit retro. It was great, but it was one last, barely-acceptable, load of twitching from the dead corpse of 1960s guitar pop.

And this –

Why?  Just why?  Pleasant enough, apart from it is this kind of conservatism and backward looking unimaginative shit from our politicians that is ruining the country, and anyone whose art falls into the same trap is SUPPORTING TORY SCUM by implication.

They say they make pop.  That is a lie.  Pop now is electronic.  It is the soundtrack to a dire celebrity culture and horrific nights in meat-market clubs that smell of strawberry vapes, cheap perfume and botox.  They make a homage to 1960s pop for people who cannot accept that the guitar is dead in pop and that it is 2017.

All IMHO of course.


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