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October 30, 2017

Fucking rocks.  Everything is right.


itoldyouiwouldeatyou – “Mourn”

October 27, 2017

It has come to my attention that my reviews are fucking shit, so I thought I’d try to see if I can take a slightly different approach and match the competition.

The six piece are back with a searing yet textured new track.

After releasing their EP ‘I Am Not Your Fault’ and their single Divine Violence’ a little earlier in the year, six(ish)-piece itoldyouiwouldeatyou are back with a new track.

Mourn’ – which is out today on Failure By Design – sees them taking the math and emo elements that made ‘I Am Not Your Fault’ such a dazzling ride and builds on it, the bursts of brass adding a different sonic texture. It’s a track that steadily lets itself off the leash, erupting into a cacophony of searing riffs and rolling drum beats.

The track sees vocalist Joey Ashworth around the letting go of someone, the embarrassment of the emotions bundled together and the eventual release of that side of oneself. Joey said: “I tried to write it as stream of consciousness as possible to show that, while it ended recently, the start of it was so long ago so the reasons for my current feelings are kinda lost in the mix somewhere. I just know I must have been this real overwrought teen.

“I always try to write about that which embarrasses me. I think there’s no point doing art where I don’t risk something emotionally because otherwise there’s nothing to connect to. I don’t listen to music when I’m at my best, I listen to it when I’m scared I’m gonna melt away and die. So why would I make music that doesn’t represent that?”

Watch the video for ‘Mourn’ below.


Andrew WK

October 27, 2017

I geniunely believe that anyone who love pop or metal or anything in between should be a massive fan of this guy –

He is an all-round genius, and when you can write pop-metal and then play it like this, and still get the same fans loving every second, you are GOD –








The Baby Seals, Moper, Swords of Thought – Star Inn – Tuesday 24th October 2017- Guildford

October 26, 2017

I didn’t get Jasta 11 at first.  I like to know where something / someone is coming from, and I couldn’t really see past Jasta 11 being pretty random and pretty hit or miss.  Then I basically realised it wasn’t that complicated… it’s kind of an old school, open-minded indie mindset – my background really – whereby guitar pop, punk, a bit of rock maybe, is the staple, whilst slightly noisier or dancier or more experimental stuff sometimes gets on the bill.

There’s plenty of stuff they put on that doesn’t overly interest me (I can’t like everything, I can’t go to every gig), but I love them because –

(1)  They put on lots of gigs
(2)  They try to get people out to gigs – their own and others
(3)  They put on some great local bands
(4)  They put on more touring bands than probably any other local promoter (in-house promoters maybe excluded)
(5)  They seem to make a particular effort to put on female bands which is a VERY GOOD THING (Nova Twins deserve a special mention for being fabulous).  [Wild Eye daydreams silently…. mmm… Skinny Girl Diet are a really great band, it’d be great if some local promoter were to book them… pretty sure they’re based reasonably close in the scheme of things.  Or the Tuts maybe.  mmmm… be good to see them again…]

Follow them –

I really liked Swords of Thought when I first saw them… less so last time out.  Tonight though they were back to their best thanks to a second new bassist in quick succession who’ll hopefully last a lot longer than the last.  I think there were at least a couple of new songs alongside older favourites… I really like their energetic, noisy, poppy, 90s, American-sounding indie-rock thing.

[Have you checked out my A-Z pages which are accessed via the top right (ish) of the page… most local bands that are decent, half decent or interesting / heavy are listed with links galore… let me know what I’ve missed, links, bands, promoters, venues etc etc.]

Moper rock… dunno, maybe I preferred ’em a touch more last time I saw them, but they always seem to play a slightly different set in a slightly different way, keeps it interesting… but fuck me, WHAT A BAND basically. Two things, a huge percentage of top bands are actually pretty funky when they put their mind to it.  They have that swing, they have that funk.  Tuskar do, I think, somewhere in their brutal sludge-doomnation.  So do Moper.

Hip-Hop.  Johnny had his Wu Tang T-Shirt on, he said something about hip-hop I think… kinda sarcastic, but you know what he’s onto something… Moper are a rung or two above the masses because there is a lot more to the music than you might assume if you simply took the quiet misery and the noisy aggression (combined with more fucking misery) at face value.  Come to think of it that was probably the schoolboy error I made the first time I saw them.  Idiot.

The Baby Seals were on last.  I’m gonna do the complete reverse of what I normally do. I normally try to make an absolute point of not mentioning when there are women in a band – it doesn’t matter.  But this is about them and female bands more generally.  Here goes.

All-female, guitar bass drums three piece.

The music was rudimentary indie/garage/rocknroll.  When Billy Childish makes such music I worship at his feet.  When most other people do it I say “nice enough, but give me something more interesting or heavier or newer”.

If you’re not going to be as good as Billy Childish then you’d better do something different.  It is no shame not being Billy Childish… not many people can claim to have written books, published poetry, had their art exhibited at the ICA and knocked out 100-plus albums in their career.  Top top musician and artist.  I digress.

Depressingly, in 2000 and fucking 17, being an all-female band IS doing something different.  I’d find it much harder to enjoy an all-male band playing the same set.  Is this my prejudice?  Is it my reverse-prejudice?  Or is it that however much the music might be on the face of it the same, there tends to be an intrinsic difference between the way men and women approach the instruments, and if you’re tired of what you normally hear (a male approach) then a female approach is going to sound a bit different even if you can’t put your finger on why.

I think it’s maybe a bit of all of them, but quite a lot of the latter.  AND you obviously have the lyrical content which in Baby Seals case means songs explicitly about a female experience and explicitly for a female audience.

I really enjoyed the set.

For the band’s sake it’s a real shame that there weren’t more women in the audience.

Really good night.

I fucking love this song, it’s a shit fucking live recording, but it’s fucking great.

October 26, 2017

Talking fucking shit

October 24, 2017

got us trump and brexit, and the fucking tories most of the fucking time.  It needs calling.

Standing up for your mates

October 24, 2017

is cool unless their behaviour is indefensible.

This blog and other people

October 24, 2017

I’ve been out to a gig tonight, which I’ll review in due course.  In the meantime two things.

[ONE]  I was thinking about this blog tonight and I want to emphasize that it is about two things.  One – doing my bit for the local music I like, and to a lesser extent the local music that I don’t massively object to.  Two – giving my personal opinions on music, promoters, venues, bands, writers, musicians, locally and across the globe, who I love and who I hate.

[TWO]  If anyone out there has a problem with what I write then fair enough – not everyone has to agree with me, however fucking god-like my opinion is.  MITHRAS.

If you think I’m a cunt then I really don’t care.  In fact I’ll assume that you are wrong.  If, however, you wish to show me where I am or have been a cunt then I will try to explain myself and let the world judge, or I’ll concede.

Basically if you disagree with me then I think that you’re a monumental prick… but if you wish to share precisely your objection, and are willing to listen to my rebuttal (if indeed I have one) then I am willing to enter a debate and admit if I am wrong if I am.

If, however, you think writers can write fucking bullshit without being called on it; that hard rock in acceptable is the 21st century; that bell end indie bands that scream “I hate progress” deserve to live; that overcompressed pop-punk that could have been made 35 years ago if only people had known how to ruin records by overcompressing them back then deserves anything other than pity and spittle; that promoters who act like fucking twats and think they are better than their audience deserve to stay in business… then GET TO FUCK.

Sunn O))) and Earth, Spacemen 3, The Telescopes, Tony Conrad and Nadja & Black Boned Angel, Drone

October 21, 2017


Post inspired by Stefan Derscariu of the mighty MIGHTY Who Saw The Light.

The first time I heard drone was probably Spacemen 3, who over the years have turned into my favourite / joint favourite band of all time.  They’re not a drone band, but most of their music is simple and repetitive, some has huge drone elements and some of their work – especially off-shoot projects – is pure drone.

If you don’t know their work go check out every last thing they’ve done.

If you’re in a psychedelic band what’s the obvious thing to do?  Go play live without your drummer in the foyer of an Arts Centre in Brentford, whilst people are queuing to see a film, and record it and release it as a 45 minute one-track album called “An Evening of Contempory Sitar Music” (even though there are no sitars).  Or bass… well worth reading “Playing the bass with three left hands” by Will Carruthers, former S3 bassist, for more on why there’s no bass on it.

Why is it great?  For me a pure drone can be pretty tedious… I prefer throbby drones, more texture… and then you’ve got Jason Pierce (now Spiritualized) improvising around some of the riffs from Spacemen 3 tracks. Proper chilled, late night drift of to sleep music.

And to prive that they can drone hard, this is the sound of someone bleeding to death after cutting their wrists in a warm bath (according to them) –

It would be remiss of me not to mention Sonic Boom’s later work… Experimental Audio research (EAR), Spectrum, under his own name –

Coincidentally – cos I’m not some drone freak – my other favourite band of all time, The Telescopes can be drone at times.  Which lead to Stefan mentioning Nadja & Black Boned Angel collaberation.

They have a purity to their drone, and I like it.  And there’s a texture I like.  I’m not sure the metal elements blow me away.  Basically I like.  But there’s a part I don’t… I don’t like that it reminds me of religion, and christianity in particular, the religion shoved down my reluctant throat through my childhood, the religion that I am compelled to avoid at all possible times in all possible ways forever more as a result.  It reminds me of church and hymns.  Not enough to ruin it for me, but enough to put me off.  I should probably point out here that the link on youtube does make the influence / theme clear –

But it got me thinking.  I have always had a contradiction going on re: Spacemen 3.  Many of their songs use gospel influences and lyrics that blends the three great spiritual highs – religion, love and drugs.

No drone but drone is a massive influence.  But I think I worked it out, thanks to Nadja & Black Boned Angel.  I’ve always realised that part of it is simply I love the music of Spacemen 3 so can overlook the religious words; I’ve always seen the words as both the heartfelt lament of a sinner whilst also being blasphemous in their wilful rejection of a righteous path and embrace of hard drugs instead.  But the main thing is their religion is an American christianity of hill country blues, gospel.  It is black.  It is not the white middle-class borefest CoE shit I had to put up with, it’s not the christianity that pissed me right off then and still pisses me off now when I think of it’s fucking arrogance that it thought it had any right to be in my life with it’s fucking BS.

Sonic Boom playing Walking With Jesus live in 2001 with his band Spectrum.  OK, so he can’t sing to save his life, and there is literally nothing to the song, but how good is this –

We’re not as drone as I wanna be.  That’s basically psychedelic pop as far as I’m concerned.  But it has a drone and coke can opening genius.

Back to Earth.  Earth were one of the first drone bands I ever heard.  Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version.  I live the drone, but this is great cos it’s heavy as drone with killer riffs.

Sunn O))) are not a band I know very well… but why the hell should that stop me mouthing off?  EVERYONE loves Sunn O))) apart from me.  Am I just being wilfully obtuse or is it summat else?  It’s this.  They’re heavy drone, just like Earth at their best, only without the riffs.  Or am I listening to the wrong albums?  Or is it just I’ve never seen them live, and that is where the insane backline wall of sound truly comes alive?  Or do I just not really like drone, just some stuff with heavy drone elements?

Probably the coolest drone show I’ve ever been to was this.  Early 1990s, can’t remember how I heard about it, went alone.  It was in an upstairs room in an old Victorian warehouse near Old Street in East London.  I can’t think that there were more than 20 or 30 of us there.  Tony Conrad was formerly part of theTheatre of Eternal Music with La Monte Young.

He played maybe something like this (I actually recorded it on a cassette – still got it somewhere) –

Eight Bands Two Gigs One Venue Reverse Alphabetical Order Review With Some Rhyming

October 21, 2017

Star. Back Room. Guildford. 1st and 9th October 2017.

Wytch Pycknyck #1

Fucking sick
If you don’t like them
You’re a fucking dick

Boss compression sustainer?  Think so.  This is my kinda music, heavy psych, nice retro guitar sounds, cut with 80s noise rock influences.  In yer face, fucked up heavy shit.  I like a lot.

Wild Card #9

Tried hard
Just not my thing
A bit like chard.

All far too mainstream hard rock for my tastes, sorry.

Thuum #1

They reckon they’re sludge / groove metal.  WTF would I know, I get the sludge angle… the groove thing isn’t my area of knowledge.  Really enjoyed their set, couple of the songs massively hit the spot up with any band on this post.  Youtube is my friend.  “The Sorrow” I think, class, worth going to see them for that alone, and that song is not alone.

Slug 13 #1

Any new takes on Slug 13?

Fuck it, yeah.  Good gig.  Rich on drums seemed to be right on it and they just did their thing.  They don’t have filler in their set, but their are a couple that stand out.  Break being a prime example, one’s with more energy.  I love the guitar sound but mix it up a bit, a touch more variety on the pedals maybe.  I dunno how good they think they are, but I reckon it might be not as good as they actually are.

Newts #1

I actually had a borderline-incredible spiritual experience during the second or third song of their set.  Something to do with how I should try to love everybody just like Jesus said, though not – obviously – because Jesus said it, that would be fucking stupid.  Because it makes sense.  Anyway, fuck that, impossible.  Not sure it was all down to them, but their lazy grungey noise-rock certainly gets in your head and swirls around.  Kinda almost psychedelic in the repetition and the simple riffs.  With vocals that drift into Robert Smith territory, and not in a bad way.  Nice.

Iris #9

Contrary to what I sometimes think I’m fairly open-minded.  It’s just there’s the odd thing I don’t like (rock that does not have a significant alt, metal, psych or punk influence for a start), and others where I have no interest.

“Indie” bands for example.  Acoustic singer song-writers.  Unless it’s done fucking great of course.

I have a bit more time, but not much, for kooky, folky, poppy, indie music.  Iris are a female singer / guitarist who I’m sure could be up there by herself and do fine.  Plus the backing band who combine some funky rhythm work and lazy 70s classic rock licks of the type I can appreciate (most I can’t).  Not my thing, but not bad at all.  Poppy funky goodness.  Best “mainstream” ACM band I’ve seen for 2-3 years (since Following Foxes, who will always hold a little place in my heart).

Freakouts #9

Nothing new, but then again not sure my limited experience has lead me to many bands who do have a genuinely grungey take on punk and mix it with vocals that are maybe more post-punk.  Fuck knows, I do know they have a real power and energy, especially on Fuck All.

Daisy Chain #9

Now this mob I like. Have to say that a massive massive part of their strength is their guitar sound, which all comes down to one pedal all taped up so nosey arseholes like me can’t get a look. Basically it’s a big thing that looks like it could be a big muff, but I am 99% sure it ain’t. I am 99% sure I do know what it is because it has such a wonderful distinctive sound (and someone said something a while ago which I half remember). Or maybe it’s a really well disguised Boss Metal Zone? [I jest but one pedal builder I know re-boxed a metal zone and took it along to a pedal-enthusiasts’ meet… turns out that there are lots of people who hate Metal Zones but when they hear them and don’t know it’s a Metal Zone it turns out they love them.]

Horrors and Black lips sprung to mind, but it’s grungey, psych-y shit that veers in different directions.  Beautiful fuzz, I love fuzz.