About Wild Eye

I’m Wild Eye, grew up near Guildford, did a lot of years in London and now I’m back in Guildford.

This is a music blog.  The clue is in the title.  Broadly speaking its purpose is to share, review and critique bands and their gigs and records, whether they are bands I absolutely love, or whether they’re active on the local scene in and around Guildford and the Surrey / Hampshire borders.  I’d like to start adding the odd interview.

If you think I should check out your band then get in touch.

I’m not here to slate local bands, but I will if you really deserve it.  If you’re a racist or a homophobe or a misogynist then I suggest that you don’t get in touch.  I am here to slate mainstream drivel once in a while, but not too often.

My interests are predominatly mid-late 1960s onwards.  I used to be an indie kid, then did the techno, then tech house and electro thing in the mid 1990s.  Then I got more into punk (especially American) and some of the noisy American alternative rock bands of the 1980s.  As I get older I find myself getting into heavier and heavier music.  I like some experimental music but a lot is more interesting than good.  I love some pop.  Above all I like what I like, which I’d like to think is quality.  Hardcore punk for example, I love, but beyond a handful of the originators is there really much need or even room in my life for any more?

I want to inspire people to pick up a guitar or plug in a sequencer, to write and create, put on shows.

Let me know your thoughts.  Point me in the direction of bands I can should check out (especially if they play live in Guildford / Surrey / London), tell me about forgotten greats from the past.  Tell me where I’m going right and tell me where I’m going wrong.



4 Responses to “About Wild Eye”

  1. ronanconroy Says:

    Hi Wild Eye,
    I’d love for you to check out my new EP “Blood Dread.” This EP is my blood on the tracks, the soundtrack of a low point and looking ahead to the future.
    After the largely acoustic 2014 “Discontent,” the broader 2015 “The Game,” and 2016’s far more intense “not a part of anything,” this EP is sound stark and stripped down, but ready to reach new crescendos.


    • wildeyemusic Says:

      Dear Ronan

      Thank you very much for your message. I went to your bandcamp, hit play and stopped after 5 seconds, partly because it sounded acoustic and partly because you are from New York.

      I’d love to know how you found the blog and why you thought I might be interested? The blog is primarily about two things – the greatest music of all time, as judged by me, and I am not big on acoustic stuff; and also the local scene around me near Guildford, which is near London, UK.

      It is only as I started writing this reply that I noticed that you said that “This EP is my blood on the tracks”. I had to google to check but this is some sort of fucking Bob Dylan shit isn’t it? If I had noticed this comparison before I would not have even gone to your bandcamp page.

      Bob Dylan deserves props for trolling a bunch of up-their-own-arsehole (note correct spelling) folkies in the mid-60s, then for releasing an all-time classic album in “Highway 61 Re-visited”. I say all-time classic – I used to love it, but to be honest nowadays pretty much the entire music of the 1960s bores me senseless, its all just so old-fashioned and twee, with the exception of 13th Floor Elevators and Stooges, maybe. And not even good twee like Heavenly or the Field Mice or Strawberry Story. But apart from being a troll who made one decent (but pretty much unlistenable in the 21st century) album, what the hell has he ever done. Actually he has done one other thing – proven that you can have a long career whilst being a boring arsehole who can’t sing, which gives me hope.

      Anyway, make a fucking noise, move to Guildford, or both, and I might give you more of a listen.

      Take care and all the best.

      Wild Eye

  2. glosfit Says:

    What a crock of shit. Terribly written.

  3. wildeyemusic Says:

    Thanks for that constructive feedback, I appreciate it. I will endeavour to improve the quality to a level somewhere above “crock of shit” in future. I warn you it is unlikely to get above “pretty fucking poor”. My writing is indeed terrible, and short of taking the time out to educate myself there really is not a lot that I can do about that.

    Would you like to go on a date? I’ll pay so long as you promise to put out.

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