Bands A to Z

This is quite a wide-ranging list that goes beyond what I love, but is less “anything goes” than my other A to Zs.  Let me know if you want to be added or you think something needs removing or correcting.  Focuses on Guildford, Aldershot, but extends further and includes some bands from a little further afield who seem to have close links to Guildford, Aldershot etc.

Bands A-Z –

Aching Muscle
Solo prog-funk-lunge-math-weirdness.

An Early Haunting
Cinematic post-rock

Atlantic Fire

Alternative Rock

Bad News Club
Sad, quiet, check ’em.

Belleview Days
Sludge Pop.

Bent Ref
Alternative, guitar bass drums three-piece. Hard to describe IMHO, but damn fine band.
More to follow!

Big Gruesome 
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Blues Rock
Big Gruesome Soundcloud

Indie poppy punky shit. Zero to national attention in record time.

Tommy Blackwood
60s classic rock / psychedelic, multi-instrumentalist and beautiful singer.

Blood Honey 
Alt rock.

Metal of some description

Joe Booley
Singer-songwriter. Uses Parachute For Gordo as his backing band as well sometimes.

Noisy poppy, alt-rock with a strong American slant.

Cody Noon
Guitar / bass droney two-piece with electronic drums.

Guitar bass drums hard rock / grunge / psych 3 piece.

Daryl Vorderman
Indie from Aldershot.

The Deadlights

Dead State
Indie from Aldershot.

Drug Store Romeos
Psychedelic, indie.

Employed To Serve 
Incredible band, signed to Holy Roar.  Insane mathcore grindcore genius.

Progressive Post-Rock/Metal

For Astronauts and Satellites
Post-rock, a bit shoegazey.

Indie pop

The Frankleys
All-female garage rock.

Grungey punk four-piece.

Indie, pop-rock, with hints of psychedelia.

Grits Soundcloud

Gutlocker Soundcloud

Post-Hardcore, Alternative, Rock

Heinous Pianist 
Desert rock, heavy rock n roll from Alton.

Icarus Dive
Alt-rock, metal.  Bit like At The Drive-In.  Not 100% my thing but big local following.

Live electronic – rave / dance with live instrumentation, think Leftfield, Chemical Brothers.

I Plead Irony
Punky indie from Farnborough


The Keep Cats
Indie pop with a dash of shoegaze
Keep Cats Soundcloud

King Knit
Indie, garage, punk

Let’s Swim, Get Swimming
Gnarly Math

Beautifully miserable noise rock.  Top top band.

Morass of Molasses
Sludgey riffs from the guys behind “The Swamp”.

Naked Aces
Hard rock.

Negative Thought Process
Crust, grind, powerviolence

Goth drone genius.

Palm Honey
Psychedelic, shoegaze etc

Parachute For Gordo
Post-rock, but kinda a bit funky post-punk too.

Drone metal kinda works, but not really sure that they are either drone or metal. Top top band.

Black Metal

Scratchy, abrasive noise-rock with hints of Cave and Albini.

Quiet Victories
Shoegaze-influenced instrumental post-rock from Reading.
Quiet Victories on Soundcloud

Drums, bass, guitar-less female-fronted rock 3-piece.  Think Royal Blood with an 80s rock diva fronting.

Screech Bats
Punk sorta thing.

Silent Mode
Desert rock, kinda stoner thing. Catchy riffs.

The Sleepwalker 
Techno / electronica – ambient and minimal.  Proper nice.

Slug 13
Grunge / noise rock three piece.  Ace.

math-jam-jazz-rock-loop-core, apparentyly

Space Church
Weird all-over-the-place-in-a-good-way noise-rock.

Swords of Thought 
Very noisy poppy indie punk pop.

Throatpunch City
Noisy roggy stuff.

Punk / rock / post-hardcore / alternative.

Trevor’s  Head 
Stoner, grungey, punky rock.

Guitar / drums sludge two piece.  Riffy, noisy heaven.

Typical Hunks
Scratchy, noisy, 80s-sounding, drum-machine-wielding genii.

Vinyl Staircase 
Psychedelic indie band.

Warp Rays 
Kinda retro, kinda psych rock, kinda interesting.

Who Saw The Light
Psychedelic / anything goes punky, mathy, proggy, doomy metal.  Bonkers. Incredible.

Wild Tales
Math-rock from Guildford

Workin’ Man Noise Unit
Punk from Reading


A RIP List –

Lost You To The Cities
Instrumental post-rock


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